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Samsung Galaxy S9 launch event set for February 25: 'The camera. Reimagined.'

We all had the date of February 26 circled on our calendars for the Galaxy S9 launch event, but now Samsung just made the whole darn thing official by sending out invitations to its launch event. The announcement date is February 25 — the original expectation of the 26th likely being a difference in time zones between Europe and Asia. And it's the big press day right at the start of MWC 2018.

And just in case there was any doubt that we'd be looking at a Galaxy S9, the invite makes that pretty clear.

The only hints we have here beyond that are the few words that make up the tagline for the event: "The camera. Reimagined."

Of all we've heard, some of the most intriguing rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ have related to the camera(s). We have rumors of physically adjustable apertures, a dual camera set up on the larger Galaxy S9+, and more. Wonderfully, we have to wait just a month from today to find out for sure.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumors, Specs, Release Date, and More!

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • They should have started by "reimagining" the size of the normal S9. And f*cking decrease it.
    Then they should have reimagined the location of the fingerprint sensor. And removed it from the back of the phone where it's useless every time you're not actually holding the phone (say, whenever it's sitting on a desk in front of you). THEN they could reimagine the camera to add some gimmicks to it. They did nothing of the sort. And so there's no way on Earth I'm replacing the S7 with the S9.
  • There's still plenty of people who will though, so Samsung won't be hurting anytime soon from your decision to avoid getting a new phone from them. Also, the aperture adjustment likely won't be a "gimmick"
  • Around these parts "gimmick" means that the person saying it won't personally use it or doesn't understand it. I've learned to just ignore such critiques.
  • A gimmick is a feature that disappears in the next model because nobody wanted to use it. "Because" is the operative word here. Features disappear for other reasons. Like stupidity. (I'm looking at where there's no headphone jack.)
  • Like the LG Modules. Those really took off didn’t they?
  • The aperture "adjustment" will likely be two fixed apertures for you to pick one or the other. If you think you'll be able to pick a bunch of them like on a DSLR, I hope you're comfortably sat. And only people like you are deluded enough to think that whenever someone says they won't buy the phone they mean Samsung won't sell because of it. I simply stated why *I* won't buy it. I don't give a f*ck about what other people do.
  • The S8 is the same size as the S7...
  • It’s slightly taller than the S7, actually
  • The S8 is 14,8cm tall.
    The S7 is 14,2cm tall. Not at all the same size.
    Add to that the fact that the screen on the S8 is 5,8" versus 5,1" on the S7 and you can kiss one handed use goodbye.
  • Depends. I used one just fine with one hand, but it depends on your comfort preference and hand size. It's narrow but also pretty tall. The stretched display also means you do need some thumb gymnastics to reach the top corners
  • I think u have really small fact I find s8 very small phone and very easy to use with 1 hand....I have medium size hands and love my Note 8
  • Adults and children with very tiny hands may not be able to operate an S8 one handed. I've used an S8+ one handed. Without the case I can nearly use my Note 8 one handed. Also consider the open handed operation mode built into the device.
  • Me too, I'm still holding to my s7, I had the S7 edge and because of the curved screen it's display broke really fast, I couldn't find a proper screen glass protector. I bought the s7 loved the size, and now i don't know what to do because the s8 is huge, I hated the curved screen, the finger print sensor and as I see the s9 will be the same way. I'm gonna stick to my s7.
  • They are the same size!
  • xD almost the same
    S8 5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 inches
    S7 5.61 x 2.74 x 0.31 inches But I prefer without the edge, I drop my phone a lot.
  • As you've noted the S8 is actually narrower which is nice. I can't even with wide ass phones. I would LOVE a Razor except that its 78mm wide. They need to make a 70mm wide version... Samsung is really the only company still making reasonably sized phones (the only exception I think is the sony XZ1 compact which is crap compared to an S7 or S8).
    I also prefer without the edge, for screen protection etc. I'll be sticking with an S7 for at lest another year.
  • I guess then the s8 is not for you. The good news is that you have plenty of other choices. By the way, the phone isn't out yet so the reimagining hasn't happened yet. Don't let your blood boil over because of a certain way a phone is made. Android has many different choices.
  • In case you haven't noticed, there aren't many good choices on Android currently for people who hate phablets.
    In fact, offer is so low that I actually bought an iPhone SE. Unfortunately for me, I absolutely loathe iOS and I just couldn't make the thing work for me. I also have the XZ1 Compact. But that phone is exactly the same as the Z3 Compact from 2014 which I also had. Sony didn't fix a single of its problems. So it's not a replacement for an S7. I'm currently waiting to see what comes out at MWC.
  • Maybe it's not the phones. Maybe it's you.
  • What problems you find on XZ1?
    I'm kinda contemplating buying one next time I'm ready to "upgrade".
  • Nokia 8 is pretty good and already on Oreo 8.1 beta.
  • I really have to ask but how small are your hands for you to be whining about the size of phones all the time?
  • 😂😂😂 A+++
  • His hands are the size of a KFC spork. Just like Andrew, who can't reach the fingerprint scanner on the Note8.
  • Andrew, as in Android Central Andrew?
  • Yes. KFC spork sized. He said he can't reach the fingerprint scanner on the Note 8. LMAO... I have small hands and I have no trouble reaching it. If I could post a picture, I'd show you.
  • 20cm from the tip of my middle finger to the beginning of my wrist. Also: BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE LIKES F*CKING PHABLETS.
  • Must be a teenager or a sailor with all the cursing he does. Man, phones are serious business!
  • No, he's a Nokia fanboy troll. He's always this way. You should have seen him on Windows Central and his bitter contempt for Microsoft/Stephen Elop helping to kill the original Nokia when all along Nokia was sinking long before Elop ever came along. The only phone that will satisfy him is the old Nokia 3310.
  • ffs will you stfu, all you do is *****, about Anything and Everything....
    You "loathe" iOS. you loathe android. you loathe Samsung. you loathe everything.
    Doesn't matter what comes out at MWC or Any other event, you won't like ANY of it.
  • Chill people, it's only a phone....
  • You don't like it? Just skip and move over. No need all this negativity because u hate Phablets 🙈
  • The smaller S9 is phablet size????? Oh..... 🤔🤔
  • Funnily enough, I didn’t like the size of the regular S8 for the opposite reason. It’s too small for me. I tried it and my hands were just too big. I am the guy who uses a Note8 in a really thick case comfortably with one hand. Yes, I am the guy who uses a big phablet with one hand without issue. And I’d rather they reimagine the materials for the FPS. My 4-month old Note8 already has its sensor scratched up. I didn’t abuse it as I’ve practically babied the thing and it still works but the presence of such scratches so early in its life for such an expensive phone is just unsettling, especially when some of the cheaper phones use glass for their FPS. On the topic of FPS, it should be faster. It’s one of the slower ones I’ve used in recent memory. It’s not unbearable but when you’ve used ultrafast sensors which unlock almost instantly like Huaweis, the 1-second delay is starting to get a little old.
  • You're also the guy who likes to juggle your phone around.
    I hate cases. Don't use them. So the last thing I want is to do gymnastics with a 900€ glass sandwich :P (but asking for metal phones is out of the question. I simply refuse to use phones without wireless charging). Yeah the fingerprint scanner on my S7 is also chipped. But it still works without a problem. I don't know what on Earth that thing is made of but I agree it'd be high time for Samsung to make it out of something else. Maybe if they had put the scanner under the gorilla glass of the display... -_-
  • I don't actually juggle. My hands are huge. I was the guy who used an iPad with one hand with only a bit of juggling. Granted, it was a Mini, but I could almost hold an entire 9.7 inch iPad on my palms. Sounds like an asset. I'd say it's nice when you have it but you sometimes wish they were smaller since I have a hard time with small gaps due to that
  • You sure hate a lot of ****. You must live a charmed life.
  • Then maybe they can re-imagine why 34 other cheaper phones on the market have better working Wifi and Bluetooth radios. Nobody is buying a current generation phone because the specs on the camera are advertised differently. Maybe if they reenabled voice camera command instead of sticking me with another half-as$ed "AI" I'd be interested. And yes... The Bixby button on the side of the phone still sucks, even after full implementation, patience and practice. It's as if they put together a think tank whose job it was to **** users just enough that they'll cry mercy and jump on the next iteration.
  • Id like to see some evidence that there are that many phones with "better" radios than the S8, S8+, ir Note 8. And actually, I'd argue an extremely small number of people buy a phone based on wifi and Bluetooth radios, and instead focus on real world things that they can understand will tangibly affect them, such as the camera and display. And as far as I know the Samsung camera app still recognzes voice commsnes because when I say "cheese" it takes the pic. I totally agree with you about Bixby. I don't mind the button though, as long as I can easily remap it to use another app oficial my choice.
  • Waaaaaaahhhh
  • I'm 100% with you on all fronts. The jump in screen/phone size from the 7 to the 8 was kinda stupid. If they had made the 8 the same physical size of the 7 and just taken out the bezels, you can still have a 5.5" screen. I think it was the stupid switch to 18:9 aspect ratio or whatever, which pushed them into taller phones. If the bezels shrink and the S9 is the same size as the S7, I'll probably upgrade.
  • Sorry but having the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone makes the most sense. They certainly won't change unless they put it under the display. No way anyone is going to take away from screen real estate on the front for a button.
  • It doesn't make the most sense. It's a matter of personal preference. I want it on the front. It makes the most sense for me, because of the way I use the phone. The back may make the most sense for you, depending on how you use your phone.
  • The S8 is to small for me. I should have got a plus, but even for a normal user I couldn't see it any smaller.
  • The whole front or back thing is becoming the next pc vs console argument.
    Yes front is great when you are at a desk for 8 hours... but the other 16 hours I'd prefer it on the back.
    You can use the trusted places to keep it unlocked at work or trusted devices thing while mounted in your car dash connected to bluetooth to keep it unlocked. Ultimately you can't beat the rear fingerprint sensor for normal pocket use. I won't even look at a front sensor phone.
  • Yeah the s7 (flat) is a perfect device. Can't just get enough of it.
  • I hope all phones keep the FP sensor on the back and keep bezels small. I just think it is easier to unlock that way. It is unlocked as I'm getting it out of my pocket. If it is on my desk. Just double tap to wake. I wish they would pull and LG and incorporate the power button to the FP sensor...the less buttons on the side the better.
  • You can also hard press where the home button would be. It works in apps too.
  • Amen to every word of that.
  • I know I won't be buying an S9, I'll wait for a Note. I am still very excited to see the details for the camera, the better my phone becomes the less frequently I need a DSLR.
  • "I need a stylus for my phone" said no person ever.
  • Well, that’s debatable. I don’t explicitly need a stylus, but it has proved useful.
  • There's a difference between "need" and "want, enjoy, and use all the time". I'm the latter.
  • Agreed. I'm looking forward to the event too but am on the note cycle now. Note8 is amazing.
  • Agree! I was looking forward to the S9 but I think it's too similar to the S8. So I've just upgraded to the Note 8. Because I want new tech and this is very new for me.
  • As phone cameras get better, so do DSLR's. The better APS-C gets the less I need full frame, the better full frame gets the less i need medium format...
  • All the people that complain because they have to *hold* their phone to unlock it with FPS on the back, and can't leave it flat on their desk to poke at it. Just as many or more people like me who have never once poked at my phone while it is sitting flat on my desk. Craning my neck down to look at the phone while it is sitting flat is the most uncomfortable thing I can think of. So, -1 to all you flat deskers.
  • The desk is IMO, a poor example. A much better one is using the phone on a dock since it’s actually facing you.
  • make sure you have a short dock so you can reach behind to unlock.
  • I have a dock and it's effortlessly to place my finger on the back to unlock it.
  • Someone on here told me to just make my home, work or Samsung Watch a safe place so the phone doesn't need unlocking as long as it's in that vicinity (using Bluetooth/wifi). So now I only use FPS for banking. Other times I use the Iris scanner if I'm not home. Much easier.
  • Get a job.
    Then come comment again.
  • Still think the dock or stand is a better example since it's actually angled where it's comfortable to look at. My workspace has a dock for my phone and I keep it there whenever I'm working. It's one situation where a front mounted FPS would be great.
  • Same situation here.
  • I have a work and my work don't allow any phone uses till it's break time. Try and comment again
  • More than anything Samsung must change their design and architecture to release updates faster. That is the only area it is lacking.
  • If it’s launching with Treble, that might help
  • I want stable updates that don’t cripple my phone, not rushed updates just to please nerds
  • I want security. Nothing nerdy about that.
  • Again, who doesn’t. But I also don’t want them slowing down my phone, killing my battery, interrupting my experience, just to look good for nerds on a forum.
  • Probably something that gets my nerdy side going but ultimately has incremental gains in real-world use, I think
  • Something about Samsung posts really brings out the rage in the comments section. It's kinda odd.
  • I'm "re-imagining " a flat screen so owners can actually protect their phones with act properly fitting screen protector.
  • Plenty of phones with flat screens if that’s what you want. I like that Samsung has their own design language
  • Ha! I knew it!!! When the Galaxy S5 launched, people made fun of me because I said that I will wait for the S9 to get a really powerful camera. Hell yeah!!!
  • This is the saddest comment on this post!
  • I personally hate the edges as well, sticking with the Pixel 2XL here, google finally got this thing really right after 3 months.
  • Another year, another tagline. 2019's tagline also awaits. Marketing is a beautiful game. Cheers to us tech junkies.
  • It'll be nice if they focus on internal audio as well ala LG...
  • Can't wait to see what they got most likely I'll skip this one since I still got my s8 plus but still can't wait to see the new one
  • I also have the s8+. Like it very much. But I'll see what the s9+ has to offer. I like the proposed duel camera's, 6gb's with the 845 processer. Never had a problem with the FPS but realigning it under the camera is a good choice! Looking forward to the s9+!
  • Only 4 GB, even with the 9+.
  • That’s not true
  • The big things not being talked about are: 1) US gets a dumb downed camera without super slow mo because of the use of the SnapDragon processor that is not as powerful as the Exynos processor. 2) RAM is still just 4 GB on both phones, not 6 GB. 3) Bezel is exactly the same as the S8 series, when all the hype was it would be even smaller. So while yes, I will be getting one to replace my S6, it is not the phone that it was hyped up to be and certainly not an iPhone X killer.
  • None of this is true yet
  • But it's all probable haha.
  • Yes and no We know the S9 plus will feature different stats than the regular S9. And those differences have only been rumored so far. When Blass leaks the final stats, only than will they be "pretty much confirmed".
  • Do elaborate please.
  • I dunno how to elaborate....pretty cut and dry. OP's claims are not out of thin air, they're known quantities that are all but confirmed. So they're not fact, but are likely fact. Time will tell.
  • They are not fact. The S9 plus will likely come with 6gb of Ram. It’s been reported everywhere. Check it out
  • Yes, and this plus other websites claim 4 GB for both S9 and S9+:
  • Exactly my point. Stop making silly assumptions until this info is confirmed
  • I'm not assuming anything. I'm re-posting what other websites are reporting. They are reporting 1) No bezel change, 2) No change in battery size/capacity. 3) No change in RAM, 4) US phone's camera limited by SnapDragon processor that is slower than Exynos. That info is all over the internet. I'm not assuming it.
  • There have been conflicting rumors in term of RAM size between the S9 and S9 plus. That's also "all over the net". So no, that is as of yet "pretty much confirmed".
  • And they were wrong. Tried to tell you. You were saying?
  • And time told. You were wrong
  • Your making sound like Samsung hyped up the phone and then are bringing something less than they promised. The hope was based on rumours, and you are supposed to always take rumours with a pinch of salt.
  • Can they 1st Reimagine the more crucial stuff, like the FPS😲 So the tag line is only focusing on the camera, how about other features? or there's nothing new and big worthy blowing out to the public but only the camera!
    Or each feature will have its own Slogan? : Camera re imagined
    FPS repositioned
    Screen extended
    Bezels now completely gone
    Iris scanner more accurate
    Processor faster (etc... ) huh! Gone are the days of : Unbox your phone Redefine what a phone can Exquisitely Crafted, Captivatingly Brilliant huh!
  • U can imagine the rest by your selves 😂😂😂
  • Did you say "Wonderfully"????
  • I'm re-imagining a flat screen, something we can actually protect and wrap a proper case around.