Galaxy S5 baby monitor

'Baby crying detector' beams notifications to your Gear smartwatch

Samsung smartphones are all about the features, but one unique capability we didn't hear about at the Galaxy S5's Barcelona launch event is its apparent ability function as a baby monitor. Tracked down by Malaysian site SoyaCincau, the feature, dubbed "Baby crying detector" lives under the Accessibility menu and lets you alert a paired Samsung Gear smartwatch if the phone picks up the sound of a child crying.

The mode comes with a wall of disclaimer text advising users how best to use the feature, while reminding them that "the baby should not be left in a house or building alone" and that they use the feature at their own risk. (And perhaps this is why this feature hasn't been more widely publicized ahead of launch.) Regardless, the GS5's baby monitor mode could be useful in a pinch for those with a both a full complement of Samsung products and a tiny human to keep tabs on.

Source: SoyaCincau; via: Engadget