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Samsung Hercules spotted on Telus?

Last night Samsung Mobile held a concert in Toronto, during which they had a VIP event, and the folks at MobileSyup were able to snap a picture of an unannounced Android device. The device looks to be the Canadian version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is apparently launching as the Samsung Hercules on TELUS. As you can see, unlike the UK version (see our review), this device does not have an optical track pad, instead the standard four buttons we are used to on Android devices. This guy's also reported to be a larger 4.5 inches. Noyce.

While there is no release date, or pricing information, the fact that the device is in the hands of some folks is always good news. Will this be the next device that locks you into a contract, or got something else in mind?

Source: MobileSyrup

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  • I need 4.5" in my hands.. No homo
  • Comment winner of the day!
  • The button on the original galaxy s 2 also in Canada on Bell is not an optical track pad. its just physical home button.
  • this phone makes my pants tight. i cant wait. anyone know if it comes with the Super AMOLED Plus screen?
  • Won't see this until next year at the rate Samsung is going. They announced the Galaxy in spring and it's finally shipping 3 months later? :-P
  • Canada already has the Galaxy S2 via Bell.....definitely shocked that Telus has broken out of their follow-everyone-else mode they adhere too