Samsung Galaxy S II announced for Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel in Canada

Probably not the news folks in the U.S. have been waiting for, but for Canadians it should come as no surprise after the many leaks, rumors and confirmations that the Samsung Galaxy S II has now gone official across Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel. 

Bell and Virgin Mobile are remaining quite when it comes to launch dates and pricing while SaskTel revaled they'll be putting it up for $79.99 on a new three-year contract. If that's not enough for you, Bell has their splash page set up now and are giving away 10 Samsung Galaxy S II devices.

Need more info?  You can check out hands-on review or hit up the source links below for each carriers press release announcements. Now, we'll just sit around and wait for some U.S. carrier announcements.

Sources: Bell, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel; via: Phandroid

  • It'd be cool if we got that Trackpad looking home button when the SGS2 launches in the US. Looks better than having 4 buttons across the bottom
  • I actually prefer the 4 buttons honestly. That one button just always looked out of place to me... But I definitely let the EVO3D slide and decided to atleast wait for this.... TouchWiz 4.0 just blew my mind. Couldn't believe how much better it was that all the previous versions.
  • I hope they take the track pad off, don't need a track pad when you have a full touch screen.
  • I'm glad that someone in North America is finally getting a chance to own this awesome looking phone. I'm sure the American carriers will take their sweet time to launch since they'll require Samsung to redesign the entire phone for each one of them. What's wrong with these a$$hats? This is the phone to beat and it's nowhere to be found because our carriers are such rediculous control freaks. The only need for differentiation this phone needs on different carriers is a radio for they're bands and CDMA or GSM.
  • This phone is such a carrier whore! I want it!
  • I love how everytime Samsung comes out with a new phone, everyone starts drooling over it & conveniently forgets how HORRIBLE they have been at supporting every single previous Android phone. Get it if you want, but don't come on here bitc*ing when you still don't have Ice Cream Sandwich 9 months after the Nexus phones get it.
  • Please stop beating a dead horse, this is an issue with US carriers.
  • Since most people commenting above me are in the US, what is your point?
  • "I love how everytime Samsung comes out with a new phone, everyone starts drooling over it & conveniently forgets how HORRIBLE they have been at supporting every single previous Android phone." The point is that you were specifically blaming Samsung when they aren't to blame it's the CARRIERS not the manufacturer......
  • stupid beaner, you give us Hispanics a bad name
  • VZW should keep the trackpad looking button and put a Droid eye in it and call it the HAL. :-P
  • I'll second that... It even fits VZW's red did eye thing...
  • I'll second that... It even fits VZW's red droid eye thing...
  • which one of these carriers shares the same 3g and 4g bands as t-mobile? strangely they are the only us carrier that has not announced they are carrying a sgs 2 phone yet (officially or unofficially) and i really wonder if they ever will.
  • Can't wait for this phone on Verizon. I know it won't be for a while since the Charge is still running it's course as the new "it" phone with Verizon Marketing but I hope they don't make us wait too long.
  • They already said that every major carrier will get one of these worth different names, they didn't mention tmobile cuz at&t is buying them... but regardless I just want one... and no track pad please if it is also a home button... I'm on the fence about that one -_-
  • if that's the case, why not announce the t-mo phone name anyway? if (and it is a big IF) the merger goes through, it won't be until march next year and who knows when a full integration would take place. if this merger does NOT go through, t-mobile is still a seperate company. it makes zero sense to not announce the t-mobile deal when they are separate from deathstar at this point and the phone will be released well before then unless t-mobile simply isn't getting the phone.