The Galaxy Note 9 in 'Cloud Silver' is a truly wonderful sight

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Cloud Silver
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Cloud Silver (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Samsung loves to roll out new colors of its flagship phones a couple months after launch, and the Galaxy Note 9 is no exception. This time, we're getting a brand new "Cloud Silver" color of the stylus-laden phone, and in a rare move the U.S. is actually the first country in the world to get it.

Not only does it stand out distinctly from the current blue and purple models that are out in the wild in the millions, but it's also beautiful. Take a look.

Samsung has this whole dual-tone color-shifting finish thing down to a science, and it's in full effect on the Cloud Silver version. All of the glass is ostensibly a dull mirrored finish of a silver color, but the metal band has more of a subtle blue hue to it. The contrast of the light blue to the silver doesn't immediately hit you until you have it your hands, and it really works — this doesn't feel like two disparate colors that weren't meant to be together.

Samsung really knows how to make its phones pop and charge color depending on light.

Both the glass and the metal have a color-shifting personality depending on the lighting as well — and they each react differently. In direct sunlight, the glass is bright silver and primarily mirrored — not quite on the level of the Galaxy S7, but close. The metal, on the other hand, goes to a dull polished silver look in the sunlight and takes a back seat to the glass. In darker environs, the glass shifts to more of a blue or slate look, and isn't nearly as shiny as before. The metal also looks much darker, and you notice more of its light blue finish as well.

The Cloud Silver Note 9 is a fantastic color choice for someone who doesn't want to stand out so much as to go with the bright blue or very purple colors available before. It has a classy look without being boring like the black color — a very nice balance. And best of all, it's available both from Best Buy (opens in new tab) and also directly from Samsung (opens in new tab), right alongside the other colors.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Of course they did- a month after I bought a blue one! Wanted this color from the start, but at least it has no functional value.
  • Great looking device as all Samsung devices have been more recently. My only issue as a former S7 and now S9 user is that the devices are simply too slippery to use without a case. So my gorgeous coral blue S7 Edge, or gold S7 and now black S9 all went in or are in Spigen cases. The trend to glass backed phones has had to be a boon for the case manufacturers.
  • Agree about the slipperiness. It seems like there's little to hold onto with the metal rails being so thin and the glass curves. I use one side by side with the U11 at work, and the U11 is so much easier to hold onto.
  • They need to stop this bullshit... its getting old and annoying.
  • Agreed. I don't understand why all available color options aren't released on day one.
  • This is striking! I love the colors normally but the effect that this phone does is really cool.
  • I use the s8+ in silver. It doesn't show very many fingerprint smudges. It is a beautiful rich color & highly recommend it!
  • Really wanted the copper one.. But still happy with the blue one I got.
  • I get releasing new colors mid release cycle to boost sales but two months later is for the birds unless they announce the release schedule at launch.
  • I don't think it would a big boost, if it is a boost at all. I doubt anyone really holds out to see if a more desirable color variant is offered.