Some customers of the popular Galaxy Note 7 may have to wait several weeks for their unit — particularly those who ordered the unique and eye-catching Blue Coral version.

Customers in the U.S. and Canada who ordered the Blue Coral and Silver may have to wait upwards of three weeks for their units, according to sources who didn't want to be named. Samsung underestimated the demand for pre-orders, said these people, and were shocked at the number of Blue Coral units sought out after the announcement.

Galaxy Note 7 colors

In a statement to Android Central, Samsung Canada, one of the regions affected by unit shortages, said, "We've experienced an unprecedented number of pre-orders and we're excited to begin fulfilling orders on August 19th. Over the coming weeks, we'll work with our valued carrier and retail partners to provide wide-reaching national retail availability." Representatives from many Canadian and U.S. carriers declined to comment.

Samsung is no stranger to unit shortages at its product launches

Samsung is no stranger to unit shortages at its product launches: it misjudged the popularity of the curved Galaxy S6 edge when it debuted in early 2015, and there were supply issues with some colors of the Galaxy S7 edge when it arrived earlier this year. Manufacturing issues with the curved glass screens were the cause of delay for those units, but it appears that Samsung merely didn't account for the overwhelming number of pre-orders of then Note 7.

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We'll update you when we know more, but if you've pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 7 and received word of a delay, let us know in the comments!

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