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Samsung Galaxy Alpha availability and pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is official, and the first details of when and where you'll be able to buy Samsung's new metal-clad, 4.7-inch handset are starting to emerge.

In the UK:

  • Carphone Warehouse says they'll carry all Galaxy Alpha colors, and will have the blue model exclusively.
  • EE has confirmed in a press release that it'll carry the Galaxy Alpha, with more details to be announced "in due course."
  • Three confirms in a tweet that it'll sell the phone too — "more details coming soon."
  • Vodafone will carry the Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold and Sleek Silver colors.
  • Clove has the first off-contract pricing, listing the Alpha at £499.99 inc. VAT, but with no firm release date attached.

Samsung's announcement this morning says the Galaxy Alpha will be available "at the beginning of September." We'll keep this post updated as new information becomes available throughout the day.

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Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Anything for the US? Posted via Android Central App
  • Prolly not.I could be wrong but my best guess would be since Apple and Samsung wont be suing each other outside the U.S. they can use this body of a phone with no worries.
  • Screw Apple and their Lawsuits. We need this beauty in the States.
  • This phone better be cheap or its a sure FLOP
  • People said galaxy grand was a flop but it sells pretty well. So yeah keep on dreaming. Posted via Android Central App
  • So, samsung profits and shipments dropped by 25% and they think design and materials are the reasons for that. Talk about being in a bubble. It can't possibly be because they offer nothing unique in the android ecosystem and that the chinese oem's are offering just about the same for a lot less. Samsung, keep selling yourself on that idea and keep making ads dissing the iphone, I am sure those will reverse the trend /s.
  • Yeah it is because the smartphone market is contracting a bit Posted via Android Central App
  • The smartphone market is still growing albeit at a slightly slower pace. India and China's huge markets have a lot of new user adoption remaining. Samsung's market share is plunging primarily because of competitive manufacturers like Lenovo, Xiaomi, and LG offering better value propositions.
  • All people worry about is dropping profits SAMSUNG makes four times the amount of revenue and profits of any android manufacturer. At the end of the day HATERS WILL HATE and it's never going to stop Samsung from being #1 period. They are Android nothing else matters. From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • Sure, for now. I am sure Nokia and BB said the same thing you just said. Those companies did not just lose their mojo in one quarter or one year, it took a few years, but their downfall eventually happened. The problem for samsung is there is no cure for what's taking place right now. The same thing happened in the pc market and those guys like dell, hp couldn't do a damn thing about it, even though they try. You can't fight and win a shift to a down market when you don't control the key pieces of that market. They don't control the os nor the ecosystem, the two key ingredients you need to control your destiny in the smartphone market. Good luck to them, but there is no stopping that train, if you could the pc guys would have figured it out long ago. Don't get me wrong samsung is not going away, far from it, but their will not be as big in the smartphone as they have in the past, that is inevitable.
  • If you would have said that in the beginning you would be right. You went straight to 'this isn't gonna help' Posted via Android Central App
  • I hate this stupid argument. Sure Nokia and BB probably thought that at the top of the feature phone mountain. every other feature phone is gone now too. Apple didn't come in and replace them with a feature phone, the smart phone completely changed EVERYTHING. What is coming out that will completely destroy Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola etc? Because that dream product you're talking about is the only thing that makes your analogy make ANY sense at all.
  • You don't get what I am saying I see. Let's take the pc market for example, there were no major shift in the pc industry that caused the downfall of dell and hp. What happened was a shift to down market in cost and very low margins. Which is why you got all the bloat that comes pre-installed on windows machines. That was a way to try to improve margins for those oem's. It's the same thing that is starting to take place here in the smartphone market. Samsung just can't afford to compete on price with the likes of xiaomi and all the local oem vendors and win despite their scale. The hardware is cheap enough where those local vendors will be happy with a 3-5% margins that samsung can't.
  • Talk to me when I can actually buy a decent Chinese phone. This still has nothing to do with Nokia and BB's downfall. They disappeared because someone came with something better. Samsung can certainly match anyone's margins, they own much of the tech, produce it themselves, and have more money than most companies. People keep reading drop in revenue and thinking Samsung is losing money or something. They are still raking in money way faster than any other Android OEM.
  • People still believe this toukale guy from his apple worshipping?
  • Yep, your can keep calling names, apple worshipper, apple lover all you want. My examples are sound and things we just witnessed in the pc industry recently. Sure, samsung can try to compete on margins of 3-5%, but their stock would tumble faster than anything. You guys just don't get it, only 30% of samsung phones sells in the iphone price range, which means 70% of the phones they sale come from mid to low end of the market and that's the part that is getting killed by the chinese oem's. Samsung is in a tough spot, they can drop their 25% margins to compete with the likes of xiaomi and all the local vendors but it will come at the cost of watching their stock taking a beating. And that is not even a guarantee to stop their falling market shares. There is a reason why dell went private, and that is to stop dealing with crap like that. I will be here in the next year went things go according to the pc market and all of you getting butthurt over me pointing out exactly that. I will be sure to quote each and everyone of you when that happens. Nothing I said was hating on samsung, I was just pointing out the similarities to the pc market, but according to ya', I am a apple lover hating on samsung. Your can keep thinking that way.
  • No, you sound butthurt over Samsung's success and are trying to turn a molehill into a mountain. Samsung's shares are not going to "tank" because they still have the highest marketshare, they will continue to have the highest marketshare - and investors know the market is pretty much saturated. As to your low-mid end comments, Apple just tried and bowed out pretty quickly from that market with the 5C. They are still a huge company and that's not going to change overnight.
  • "Butthurt"? Oy. I'd say you ceded the argument right there with that tortured syntax. Samsung IS hurting. 1) Their chip sales are down because Apple, their largest customer, is now going to build their own chips. 2) Mobile represents anywhere from 2/3 to 3/4 of Samsung's overall profits. Toukale is absolutely correct, and these Samsung shills are stewing in it.
  • I used butthurt because he used butthurt. So I guess by your logic he ceded the argument right? smh.
  • I was actually referring to both of you clowns. Can we all agree to disagree about their preferred manufacturer, but stop this pathetic Samsung argument of, "If you mention another Android phone is better than Samsung, you're anti-Android"! Good lord. The bottom line, vocabulary choices aside, Toukale's larger argument is correct. Samsung, while having had great success with S3-S4 (largely in part because of openings within the Android market and gaps not filled by Apple at the time), does not appear to have a second act. And yes, Samsung-partisans, screen choice is great. It's absolutely great. In fact, that's a very credible argument as to why Samsung phones might be better than the iPhones. But the argument Samsung has been making very loudly for the past couple years is not about choice, but about how silly a screen size smaller than their S4/S5 is. I mean, this ad just came out less than a month ago! It's not "hater-ade" when people point out documented, objective long-term problems for Samsung. It's been established now that Samsung is losing marketshare in China and not gaining marketshare elsewhere to offset that.
  • You can believe what you want. The Note 3 was extremely well selling. It is wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt, but Nokia and Motorola were the only 2 companies to ever sell more phones than Samsung (since 2001). Top 2 for most of that. Top of the chart now. They are "losing" compared to *themselves* year over year. They are not losing to any other manufacturer by any stretch. Yes these Chinese manufacturers are going to gain market share. And they're going to take it from EVERYONE not just Samsung. Again, Samsung has the tech, the manufacturing and the money to survive this. Also I highly doubt anywhere NEAR 3/4 of Samsung's revenue comes from it's mobile division. Please reference that. BTW his larger argument is that Samsung is in trouble, and you are linking things that says both Apple and Samsung are in trouble. You are proving my point while saying you agree with him.
  • Sigh. OK, Sojibby, I hate to be the one to bust your Samsung-sponsored bubble, but (1) Samsung is in competition with HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc for a share of Android device sales. Apple is the only manufacturer of Apple ecosystem devices. For people who want Apple devices, Samsung and et al can offer nothing. They can offer an alternative to the entire Apple ecosystem, but in reality it's Apple vs Google (iOS vs Android), and then the battles within the Android OEMs. Samsung is desperate to adopt the Apple model and ditch Android, but they can't seem to convince anyone that they can make a single quality app. (2) Here's your reference about how important mobile is to Samsung. And it's not from some crappy, content-porting site out of some 3rd world country. It's the freaking Wall Street Journal. Here are some choice quotes, since you have trouble doing text searches, apparently:
    "Operating profit at Samsung's mobile division, its biggest profit generator, fell 30% from a year earlier as the company faced more competition from Apple and a flurry of low-cost Android phone makers."
    "The mobile division's contribution to Samsung's bottom line dropped to 61% from 76% in the first quarter of this year."
    "'Prospects for growth remain unclear as competition over global market share intensifies in the mobile industry,' Samsung said." (3) In case you were wondering, Samsung isn't actually doing better than Apple anymore, either: (4) In fact, Apple is improving sales in China while Samsung's are shrinking:
  • Ok so their mobile division brings in an impressive percentage of a huge pie, but I doubt it is just phones. Must include chips, screens and mobile parts and the like. Also, tvs, microwaves and any of the many other things Samsung sells can be selling better and contrinbuting to those numbers as well. Of course Apple is rising and Samsung is falling in China - they just f'ing started selling there. Pretty easy to beat the zero percent from last year. None of this means Samsung is going in the toilet. You are just seeing the big picture wrong. Market saturation hurt hp amd dell, just as it will Apple and Samsung. After this screensize jump Apple will drop as well, cause they will have caught up to Samsung and have drained their 'practical upgrade' well also.
  • Everything can be done better and nobody knows what better items are coming until they arrive. Smartphones will be replaced someday by something else, there is no guarantee Samsung will be at the front of that market. Samsung isn't going to die as a company as they are invested in more than just mobile tech. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, but it's not enough to make up for their losses in mobile. "The world's largest smartphone maker has a diverse product line ranging from memory chips to home appliances, but more than half of its profits are generated by mobile devices." "The consumer electronics unit -- selling products from TVs to refrigerators -- saw operating profit surge 80 percent on-year to 770 billion won, but not enough to offset the decline in the mobile business."
  • They existed before cellphones, helped build and dominate an industry and you are dreaming if you think they are going anywhere in the phone industry never mind as a company. You seem fixated on those percentages. One of their percentages is huge, and much larger than some well known brands. If they never sold another phone they would still be around.
  • Confirmed that rise in the appliance sales and who knows what else did contribute to part of the percentage loss for me as well. Thanks.
  • I've never seen a BB or Nokia excavator or washing machines. The wheel is much bigger in Sammy land.
  • @jackwagon06 yeah... excavator by Volvo with Samsung branding. Washing machines with most parts Bosch.
    They cant build shit.
  • the difference here is that neither BB or Nokia made android devices! so your point FAILS.
  • That's actually the precise point Posted via Android Central App
  • @richard lmao. every time I click on one of these Samsung topics & look at the comments it's you going on a pro-Samsung rant.. fanboy much? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes I'm sure your more clever than their marketing team. A huge factor over the years in the Apple vs Samsung battle has been metal vs plastic. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, Samsung offers nothing unique...
  • I think it's the third time I read this comment... On three different comment sections. Posted via Android Central App
  • If your talking about Richards comments, you will read the same comment on 12 different sites in 36 different sections
  • Loool so true Posted via Android Central App
  • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this lmao. It's so bad I almost wondered if he it trolling. Never seen a worse fanboy.
  • We came to the conclusion long ago that he is paid...
  • Does anyone else think the design just scans iPhone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • 720p screen for a high end premium phone?
  • The only thing "high end" or "premium" about this phone is the build quality. Posted via Android Central App
  • To me specs don't always tell the story, I personally will wait until it is seen how real world usage is on the device. Posted via Android Central App
  • In my opinion.. This version looks great! But the specs are too weak comparing it with my regular GS5... Posted via Android Central App
  • Sitting here starring at the screen of my M8, all the iPhone comparisons, and battery complaints, I like the look of the phone, but all I can keep saying to myself is I bet that phones speakers suck as I stare at that tiny speaker at the bottom of the phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah but the camera... Posted via Android Central App
  • Works good enough for what I use it for. Since I'm an upgrade fanatic, and see that all of the other HTC phones are not doing the UltraPixel thing I'm sure the M9 will be the perfectly tuned machine I've needed all my life with a better camera. I like media, and I need sound after an HTC One I can't go back to speakers I have to cup my hand to hear. Posted via Android Central App
  • I hear you. If they did a better camera and had a 'note' version I would be on it like white on rice. I am not a big fan of the metal frame and cannot give the pen up, but love sense Posted via Android Central App
  • That's exactly what I wanted the One Max to be last year. Maybe they'll do a better version this year
  • The only one that looks like it is going to try is the LG Stylus. I havent seen any others that are approaching S-pen functionality
  • Am I the only one who doesn't think this looks like an iPhone?
  • No, you are by far not the only one. Most people think it looks like the rest of the galaxy phones. But you know, Samsung haters...
  • Not a Samsung fan at all, but this looks like a Samsung to me, not an iPhone. Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App
  • A/C needs a recommend button for comments like this.
  • No, you're not the only one. It looks like a Samsung to me, and I'm no Samsung fan. I see why they look similar, but it wasn't my first impression of the device.
  • It does seem the iPhone served as inspiration in the making of this device. If iPhone and Galaxy had a baby, this would be it. « Posted via my HTC One M8! »
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Samsung introduces the iPhone6. Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X on Verizon or the amazing Nexus 10 using the Android Central App
  • Pretty much lol.
  • Could care less about this phone its clearly to try and chip into the upcoming iphone sales. But if this is any indication of what the Note 4 will resemble, OoooOoO doggy she gone sexy.
  • Looks nice! But, yeah, could certainly be call the Samsung iPhone6...
  • I'm not familiar with phone prices in the UK. How does £499 compare to an S5? Posted via Android Central App
  • It's something around 600€ so will probably be around 600$. (The contract-free S5 costs 570€ now) Posted via Android Central App
  • I'd pay even more for this phone if it had a proper MicroSD slot like any other phone worth its salt. Not sure why Samsung can't get its act together and stop handicapping its phones. My last 2 (and current) phones were Samsung but both and all my phones prior had removable batteries and MicroSD slots. Once you've realized how critical these are and how they can save your butt you never want a handicapped anti-consumer phone without them. Sorry, Samsung... I won't by this piece of crap.
  • Had plenty of phones with removable batteries and sd cards, will likely have plenty more, but my DD's are almost alway Nexus devices and I've never once missed the removable battery or sd card. I'm likely the majority. That said, I absolutely understand it's a make or break for many like you as well...just not the all.
  • +1 I'm the same way. I finally bought a Nexus 5 a few months ago, and I'm fine without the removable battery and SD card.
  • I wish it had an SD Card also and larger Battery. Seems to be part of the "Thinness Race" I love the Phone being only 5.2" Tall with 4.7" screen for pocket sized Power. I totally do NOT understand the benefit of a
    7 mm thick Phone versus a 10mm thick Phone. I totally do NOT understand the benefit of a 4 ounce Phone versus a 6 or 7 ounce Phone. I am hoping for an Alpha Pro at same size but
    THICKER with a 2500Mah Battery , SD Card, larger Camera Sensor. For Professionals who need a more Powerful Pocket sized Device and can bench press 6.5 ounces , lol.
  • £500? Crikey. What's the note 4 going to be....? n5
  • Sh!t specs. Leave it to Samsung to screw something up. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really like this as a mid-range phone. Nothing more nothing less. It has me curious to see if this is the direction their going in for future flagships with the part metal part plastic design. It could actually work with a few good tweaks inside and out(better screen,bigger battery, micro sd, better/more speakers etc.
  • This thing has everything a Samsung fanboy hates:
    No microSD
    No replaceable battery with a tiny battery size
    Metal body
  • This will be the Samsung phone that will line up perfectly with the smaller iPhone 6. The Note 4 will be the Samsung phone that will line up with the larger iPhone 6.
    Samsung will offer the "lower spec'd", mid-range device as the iPhone equal/competitor and the S5 and Note 4 as the superior flagship devices. Pretty astute IMO. Posted via Android Central App
  • So Samsung's strategy is to make the lesser variants better suited to go up against their perceived top competition, and make the lesser phone their flagship? For your sake, I hope you were being sarcastic calling this random approach to "pretty astute". :P In all seriousness, why do they need to make a new classification of phone when they just want to vary the size (for the most part)? Couldn't they have just released the S5 like they did, and then announce a larger (Note) and smaller (Alpha) version without having to make it seem like these devices were radically different? It's what frustrated me when I bought my Captivate. It was the exact same phone as the Fascinate (both basically a Galaxy S), yet Samsung thought they were creating a "different" phone by just not including a flash with the Captivate's camera. That was their idea of innovating! Imagine if Coca-Cola announced they're launching 2 new versions of Diet Coke: one comes in a can, the other is an empty can!
  • Lol.
  • Nice device, ideal to replace my S4
  • I guessed $450 in the spec comments section and they actually charged more. So £499 is over $800 us dollars. Am I missing something, probably am as I just woke up Posted via my OnePlus One
  • It doesn't work like that. Convert it to € and you'll have the approximate $ price.
    £499 ~= 600/630€ thus 600/630$ Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks. I knew they weren't charging $800 for it lol. $600 is no better though Posted via my OnePlus One
  • £500? Ridiculous, considering it is only a strip of metal that is 'premium' about it. Can buy basically any top phone for that price. Samsung really do think that pricing like Apple will make people believe it is better than it is.
  • I'm having a hard time placing this phone in a category: premium materials so I'd think premium phone, but meh specs so it's mid range. So, where does it fit? Not to mention the battery is so small, tiny really. Hahaha, I don't know how it'll perform Posted via Android Central App
  • If I didn't have an M8, I'd probably get one...been hooked on metal android phones since the M7...or maybe its just HTC... I usually go through 2-3 phones a year, but have no desire to get rid of the M8...thank you HTC! Cancel that...still looks like a plastic back in the pic Posted via Android Central App
  • APPLE stores are selling the new Iphone 6...i mean the Galaxy Alpha.
  • No bashing over the 720p screen iPhone users. You don't even have 720p yet are angels is up to 2k. Retina display is only something by 680 which isn't even hd Posted via Android Central App
  • I have to admit Samsung did a great job on the looks of this one, even if it does look like it could be the iPhone 6. :D