Samsung dominated the U.S. 5G smartphone market in 2019

Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Counterpoint claims Samsung captured 74% of total 5G smartphone sales in the U.S. last year.
  • LG grabbed the No.2 position, with a 15% share of the market.
  • The company's Galaxy Note 10+ 5G was the best-selling 5G smartphone in the country in 2019.

Earlier this year, Samsung revealed that it shipped a total of 6.7 million 5G smartphones in 2019, grabbing 53.9% of the global 5G smartphone market. The latest monthly smartphone model sales tracker from Counterpoint now claims Samsung held an even greater share of the 5G smartphone market in the U.S.

As per the market research company, Samsung held 74% of the U.S. 5G smartphone market last year. Samsung compatriot LG held the No.2 spot, with a market share of 15%. OnePlus, which launched its first 5G smartphone in the U.S. late last year, managed to capture 11% share of the market.

2019 Us 5g Smartphone Market

Source: Counterpoint (Image credit: Source: Counterpoint)

Despite its high price tag, Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ 5G was the top-selling 5G smartphone in the country last year, ahead of the Galaxy S10 5G. Counterpoint attributes the popularity of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G to various financing and trade-in incentives offered by the major carriers.

Counterpoint estimates that under two million 5G smartphones were sold in America during 2019, which represents just 1% of the total smartphone sales in the year. This year, however, the company expects 5G penetration to jump to around 25%. This growth is expected to be driven by Apple's first 5G-enabled iPhones, which are expected to debut in September.

Sales of 5G Android phones is also likely to grow significantly this year, thanks to new sub-$500 models that are expected to launch in the coming months.

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