Samsung has dropped word of its latest monthly security updates — part of its (and others') push for more frequent and transparent updates, particularly with regards to security-specific bugs.

The December update post essentially says it's incorporated all of the patches included in Google's December security bulletin, plus nine others that might or might not actually be in this update as they might have been in a previous update. And other fixes included in this update "cannot be disclosed at this time." (A frustrating but understandable line in the fight against exploits.)

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As a reminder, the only devices included in Samsung's monthly update umbrella are the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, GS6 edge and GS6 edge+, the Note 4, Note 5 and Note edge, and the Tab S and Tab S2. But whether you'll actually see an update depends on your region and operator. So maybe you'll see something, and maybe you won't.

Source: Samsung December Security Update

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