Galaxy Note 4

Samsung isn't one to delay the launch of one of its flagship products, and the manufacturer has announced that its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will be available in 140 countries by the end of October.

In its home country of South Korea, Samsung has accelerated the release of the Galaxy Note 4, noting that the device will be available from later this week rather than its scheduled launch in the month of October. A reason for the change in the launch window is mainly due to the announcement of the iPhone 6 Plus, which Samsung considers a threat in the phablet segment.

The launch of the new iPhones have already had a detrimental effect on Samsung's share prices, which hit a two-year low yesterday. By aggressively marketing the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is looking to stem the tide. The initial sales target does seem ambitious at 15 million for the first month of availability, but the Note 4 with its quad-HD screen, 3 GB RAM and Snapdragon 805 CPU should be a step up for users wanting to make the switch from the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S5.

What about you guys? How many of you are looking to get the Galaxy Note 4?

Source: Samsung

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