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Russian Motorola Milestone's keyboard makes the Droid's look usable

Russian is a hard language to learn. I know -- I took years of it and can still order the vodka but keep forgetting how to ask for the loo. Anyhoo, above is the Russian version of the Motorola Milestone. Now the Milestone (aka Droid in the U.S.) doesn't exactly have the world's best keyboard to begin with. And try cramming on the 33-letter cyrillic alphabet, and things are gonna get downright nasty. Like cold, hard Russian winter.

But, wait. It gets worse. Highlighted above are the letters "З" and "Э." Basically they look like backward Es, though the former makes a "zeh" sound and the latter "eh." Very different letters, to say the least.

Oh, but it gets worse. Try to find the comma on that keyboard. Go ahead. We'll wait. [Unwired View | image via Mobile-Review]

  • Backward 3s or do you mean backward Es? Cause they look like regular 3s to me. LOL
  • if the comma is that mark above the 10, it took me 2 seconds to find. also, lol at "backwards 3's"
  • I saw it too, but it is not 10 - it's 'ju' (read similar to "you").
    And these two leters are Z(3) and E(backward euro sign). Different alphabet, I really don't see nothing funny about that.
  • Did I mention my grades weren't that good? lol
  • And how could this be made easier? Make the device three inches longer to accommodate more keys?
  • They should all learn English. It'll make things easier... for us.
  • the comma looks like it where the 10 is
  • 1. both the '3's' look different, at least I can see the difference 2. the comma is above the '10' letter 3. both the '3' letters are in their usual place in the russian keyboard so I doubt the the russians will have that much of a problem. 4. surely the real problem is with the 'Q, A and Z' keys with 2 letters each on them
  • So, the comma is exactly where it normally is... I don't understand why you made that comment, we've all found it easily. It was literally the first key I glanced at.
  • 1. The main problem is not how "З" and "Э" letters look, they looks fine. Problem is that they are reverse placed! "З" button should be between "Щ" and "Х".
    2. There is no comma in russian layout at this keyboard. Comma under "Ю" is yellow, which means that it will work only in english layout. In usual russian keyboards comma in russian layout is located at the same button as dot.
    3. Q, A and Z is a problem, but there is no other way to place this letters without increasing number of buttons, so it's ok.
  • You English speaking folks have it way too easy! :) Us, who use special characters, accented letters, etc., we always get the shorter end of the stick. It's either more keys, or letters get stuck together on the same key, and we have to perform some weird sequence of pushes to get what we want. God, I can't wait for Swype to support Hungarian...
  • What russian is really the hardest language to learn? i thought that was english.
  • Chinese would actually be the hardest language to learn.... there is NO alphabet. D:
  • "Chinese" is not a language. The languages spoken in China are Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • I used the word Chinese to refer to the written language that is used by the majority of Chinese people around the world. I'm Taiwanese, and I speak Mandarin so I obviously know there are many different dialects of Chinese. This is a topic about languages on a physical keyboard, so that is why I assumed you would understand that I was talking about the written language. Bringing up Cantonese and Mandarin serves no point because there is no difference in reading/writing 95% of the dialects used in Chinese. Pinyin and/or romanization doesn't count either.
  • Try Polish language. It has regular(Latin) alphabet, but more complex grammar than Russian, English or most of other languages. There are more exceptions than regular cases ;-)
    And about English language being hard, I really doubt you could speak any Slavic language half as good as I can speak English.
  • And they STILL have two blank keys!
  • Is that a comma above the "Ю" key? ("Ю" = "yu," BTW) Or is it an apostrophe? And BTW, Russian is nowhere near as hard to learn as a lot of other languages in the world (English is one of the world's hardest, for non-native English speakers).
    @Woolly Mammoth: That's right; there is no such language as "Chinese," per se. Mandarin is the main one, and Cantonese is spoken primarily in Guangdong province (in the south), but there are also a lot of other dialects spoken in China besides those two. That's why on Chinese TV they still have subtitles in Chinese Han characters, as even tho all the dialects vary widely and are not always mutually understandable, they all read more or less the same. There are about 75,000 Han characters (that's right, 75 thousand), but "only" about 2,000 of them are expected to be mastered by people by the time they graduate high school. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong... I don't know how the Chinese do it; it's pretty amazing!
    Sorry to digress so far off topic! (-_-)
  • забрасывать
  • @gbhil: "забрасывать?" As in, "fail?" LOL!
  • :)
  • Motorola droids keyboard sucked to begin with let alone trying to fit a much more complex language from my understanding!!! kinda wonder what the F!!!!!! motorola was thinking with the droids keyboard!! I would have owned a much wanted Droid before I knew Nexus one was coming to the USA's verizon wireless and I played with a droids keyboard for a hour at a verizon store and realized theyre keyboard was pretty much worthless!!! flat keys ! what where you thinking Motorola!!! my Blackberry pearl with tiny key that ive been trying to upgrade from for months is so much more able to type on just because of curvature in each key compared to the useless and untypeable motorola droid and milestone!!! absolutely no need for that stupid cursor that makes everything off center and retarded, if they made the keyboard like the Devour or any other slider they would have had a hands down IPHONE KILLA!!! how do these things get past basic user testing !!!! seriously i was Blown away how much it sucked and how lovers of the phone even say they never use the physical keyboard because of how much it sucks, nexus one with a slide out amazing keyboard and actually marketed properly would have destroyed the B*tch *ss apple and the iphone monoply in the short and long run, there is just nothing out they in smartphone land that perfect!!?????? how can this be ??????but nexus one is the best alternative to it all and i like the determination GOOGLE has to change bullSh*t *ss wireless market in the US that doesnt even deserve a dolla from us and should show massive gratidude just for chooseing them specifically as our open provider!!! unlocked verizon nexus hear I come in a week for so many reasons until the next revolution actually begins from the people speaking up !!!thank your google for starting the revolution!!!!!!
  • with this milestone fail I'm afraid that I won't buy this phone. THX a lot motorola!
  • Well, then the "oh so popular" Bulgarian Milestone users are safe - we only have 30 letters in Bulgarian Cyrillic LOLz :D If it comes out with a special layot at all...