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RIM schedules 'BlackBerry Live' conference same week as Google I/O

And, really, that's about all we have to say about that. We'll be South of Market in San Francisco May 15-17 for the Google I/O developer conference. Perhaps you remember last year's event, which included skydiving (twice), the introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Google's Project Glass.

RIM will be at the Orlando Howard Johnson's (or somewhere nearby, we suppose) in Orlando May 14-16. And you might see an encore of the following presentation (after the break).

*Update from CrackBerry Kevin (w/ Phil's permission): Hey folks, just a little clarification here that the scheduling of this event really doesn't conflict with Google I/O from a developer perspective. BlackBerry Live, formerly BlackBerry World, formerly Wireless Enterprise Symposium, it not a developer event. Historically it's for enterprise customers, BES admins, carriers, and people in the business of BlackBerry. This past year RIM held a BlackBerry Developer conference in parallel with BlackBerry World, so they could get the Dev Alpha developer hardware into the hands of devs to build apps in preparation of the upcoming BB10 launch. BlackBerry's annual developer conference happens in the fall. *

*Update 2 from Phil: Whatever.

Source: CrackBerry

  • Wow. And the amazing thing is someone at RIM had to think this was a really good idea! The only possible explanation I can think of is they really don't want much/any exposure during the event due to a lack of much to say/announce and this is the best way to insure that happens. Sad.
  • Perhaps, with the old RIM. Perhaps not with the new RIM...Only time will tell.
  • Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • No wait I got it...The developers Code their apps at the I/O for Android and then walk accross the street and port their app the BB10 over a cup of coffee and get paid for a few minutes of work. Probably free lunch too.
  • While I applaud the thought process here, San Francisco to Orlando isn't exactly "across the street" ;)
  • Yeah, I guess I kinda shit the bed on that one.
  • How is this helpful in trying to get Android developers to port over to BB? I have my flight for I/O set but even if I didn't, as much as I am using BB's SDK, I wouldn't choose Live over I/O.
  • 1) If you're making money on Android, then good choice. 2) If you're only interested in porting Android apps to BlackBerry, then I don't think RIM is losing out on much. As someone who's awaiting BB10, I can tell you I'm interested in native apps.
  • So. . .Key Lime Pie being announced the same time as
    RIM's 1st new OS in what,... 3year? Good luck RIM!
  • Actually, RIM will be announcing BB10 on January 30th - 4Months before I/O, that should give Key Lime enough time to copy(hap-hazzardly) some of the features. Isn't Key lime Vapourware anyway? Man Trolling be fun.
  • Jerry, Cory, someone please remove this peasant from my screen.
  • Peasant? That's uncalled for, even if he/she is trolling.
  • Are any of the statements I made incorrect?
  • Essentially, Key Lime Pie is vapourware. Surely, you have something better to do than troll a blog lol
  • Merc, Jay Stated that RIM has not released a new OS in 3 years, that would put it back to January 2010. This is factually not true, as OS6 and OS7 were released after that date. And if he were stating that OS1-7 were essentially the same, that would like me saying that Froyo-KLP are essentially the same. In fact, BB will be the only one out of iOS, Android and BB to release a "new" OS. I was in fact calling out Jay for trolling. But yes, I do have better things to do, however, I have choices too.
  • Fair enough. Call out the misinformation if you see it. I'd probably do the same =)
  • I'm all for correcting inaccuracies, but to call Key Lime "vapor ware" is creating some new ones of your own, since we don't yet know what Key Lime will entail. It is possible to correct someone, without actually trolling :P
  • Just a curiosity, what developers do at Google I/O developer conference? Do they discuss number of security holes found to date in Android?
  • I'm sure they do probably discuss security holes and how to make the OS more secure. Then again, so does RIM and Apple. No OS is perfect or perfectly safe from exploits: I'll shout that from the rooftops every time a fanboy plays that card.
  • You definitely can shout that. Just take into account that there are more secure and less secure systems exists (architecture, you know ;) Don't be confused by my nickname ;)
  • Haha fair enough man.
  • There are tons of classes and resources dealing mostly with how to make better apps in general.
  • I see, should be interesting one :)
  • I see the Crackberry trolls have arrived. Anyway, RIM is shooting itself in the foot once again. Any chance of Android developers bailing on I/O for this Blackberry even just went out the window. Seems RIM and Thorston are still living in denial.
  • Looks like many Droid fans are not very smart people. Is it the reason you use big smartphones to compensate your inability to think yourself?
  • Bigger is better =)
  • RIM == dumbest pet in show... I can't imagine a worse date except maybe launching during the WWDC keynote.
  • The reason RIM is doing this is by the time I/O comes bb10 will be very old news with no major improvements scheduled for another 2 years. The truth hurts, huh bb10 fans.
    (And I was actually going to get a bb10 device on my second line until this news made me realize RIM is dead in the water.)
  • At Google IO, Google will talk about how it isn't their problem that any improvement made in Android will only be seen by new customers and fanboys who buy a new one every 6 months because Google takes "Open Source" to mean a periodic code dump instead of a collaborative effort, unlike every other Open Source OS project in existence. Maybe they'll finally add a standard feature found in non stock phones like it took them from 1.6 to 4.0 to finally add HTCs scrollable widgets. As long as the fanboys praise Google's innovation. Google doesn't care too much though, either way they get to collect and sell your personal information to the highest bidder. Notice how Google's innovations that aren't ripped from their OEM partners involve the user sending data to Google's servers? Security and privacy aren't exactly respected on a platform where almost every user will never see critical bug fixes and the closure of security holes brought to their phones. Yup. Great platform. Glad I'm leaving.
  • Wow, it's just a phone OS (the best one out for me). I wish I cared as much as some of you about where the ideas are coming from, who is innovating or who is copying who... I don't write many comments but I hope some of you really some of these comments (maybe out loud) and notice how stupid they sound, before writing something alike. Enjoy your phone, or don't!
  • LOL. I think your tin-foil hat may have a hole in it. First off, you're blaming Google for OEM's not updating their devices. Google has no direct control over that, and the situation has actually been getting a lot better lately. A year ago, I would have warned people against Samsung phones because they were *so* bad at getting out updates for their phones. Today, I own one. Second, Android has incorporated a number of features from third-party code, not the least of which is the "Slide to Dismiss" on notifications that was originally dreamt up by the guys at CyanogenMod. It was one of my favorite features of CyanogenMod and I was ecstatic to see it come to Android. Third, several of the OEM's have been submitting code to the Android repo for inclusion in future versions, most notably Sony. The difference between Android and some other open-source "community" projects is that Google tries to keep a reign on some of that code and make sure everything plays nice before it goes out to the public. The lack of that control is one of the things that frequently prevents those "community" projects from being usable by the mainstream users, because there's so many bugs or features that don't work correctly that the code is constantly in beta status and is unusable by your average user. Forth, scanning email and text messages for keywords to use for targeted marketing is not the same thing as "selling your personal information". Actually, Android (and all the Google services) have the ability of opt-out of such data collection. But either way, Google doesn't "sell" that information. Here's how it works: an advertiser submits an add with "key words" (just like they would do if submitting an add for the Google search page). Google, then looks for those keywords in the stuff you do and displays adds that match those keywords. No data is leaving Google, and no *person* is ever looking at your messages, so there's really no privacy issue here. It's simply a method of making sure that, if you're going to presented with advertisements, they're ads that might *actually* appeal to you. Which is actually a pretty good idea, since it means as a 20-something guy you won't be inundated with ads for motorized-chairs and "magic" bras. And many of us specifically opt-in for some data collection because we like services like Google Now, which is almost creepy in how cool it is :) Fifth, (last one, I swear) as much as people love to gripe about security holes in Android, the simple truth is that every OS has security holes. And as much as people love to claim Android is riddled with them, there really haven't been any cases of massive exploitation. Most of the "security" issues that *have* happened have been a result of people downloading "tainted" applications from "black-market" websites. Pirate software, and there's always the risk that you'll get more than you bargained for. TL/DR: every one is welcomed to an opinion. Android isn't for everyone. But if you're going to be angry about it, make sure your anger is directed at the proper entity. And making up facts will *never* prove your argument.
  • I wouldn't say RIM is dead in the water; I think they actually have a chance to become competitive again. I'm actually hoping RIM does great: I probably won't switch back to a BB device, but I'm sure plenty of Android/iOS users have been waiting for a new BB phone.
  • I had a BB at a previous job (the Bold, I think) and, honestly, I can see why they've been having trouble being competitive. My Bold was decent and, while it had a couple of cool features (like being able to auto-mute notification chime after a certain time of day) it wasn't a phone I would use for anything but checking work email. And several co-workers had the Curve, which was a steaming pile of you-know-what. One coworker got a replacement that, brand new out of the box, wouldn't turn on but would get so hot that he had to pulled the battery for fear it was going to spontaneously catch fire. And things like that were not an isolated event. All of that said, I would love to see RIM make a comeback because, in the end, competition in the market is good for everyone. It won't matter, though, if RIM manages to do a good job with BB10 if they can't get better build quality in their devices. They've got a steep road ahead.
  • Maybe RIM couldn't afford a big convention so they do this to limit the size of the attendees.
  • I'm an aspiring Android developer, and if the AC staff wants to take me to Google I/O this year, I'll buy you all drinks ;-)
  • I'm going back to BlackBerry... Bye bye GS3 Hello BlackBerry Z10. I want a phone that works, doesn't force close on me, without any lag and a real multi-tasking no app switching or multi-window.
  • LOL Phil @ "RIM will be at the Orlando Howard Johnson's" That was the funniest! :)
  • Crackberry Kevin = Rodney Dangerfield
  • BlackBerry Live (is that what they are calling it this year?) is not a developer conference. Just like Kevin said last year they held a BlackBerry Jam at the same time. This year they are not doing that. The jams and portathons are their developer events!
  • I kinda been thinking about getting a BB10 device as my main phone. Can't wait to see Launch. . . it may turn out to be a better OS than Android. . . . BUT Ecosystem is the major concern.
  • I don't understand why it's okay to go on and on here about Blackberry news. Is Blackberry
    moving to Android OS? Last time someone talked about iOS here, the threads got deleted. There was a news article about the best place to work for... Google, obviously.
    A Google job will make you rich and happy. Can't say the same about a job at RIM. A RIM job on your resume isn't exactly
    going to help you get your next job. I was always very grateful that Steve Jobs didn't buy RIM. Not sure if the Canadian
    authorities would have allowed such a deal to go through.
  • You said RIM job.
  • The big announcement in Orlando for RIM will be that they will now have Angry Birds with the release of the new OS. woo-hoo.
  • ..Angry Birds Rio to arrive around June.
  • I hope RIM has a chance of survival. Like the majority on here, I am an Android fanatic. BUT, it is always nice to have choices! Truthfully we all know RIM has waited to long and probably hasn't innovated anything on their new Blackberry Iphone. The new CEO looks like a serial killer out of a really bad 70s b movie European style and has some really strange and crazy optimism. All of this points towards an epic fail and that will only lead to another sad year in the tech communication industry! Oh and does RIM think they can fully compete with Google?! (Rolling my eyes) BABY STEPS!