Review 15: X-Men

Review is like app or game coverage but for movie series, television shows, comic books, and other geeky entertainment. It's great stuff you can watch and enjoy on your phone, tablet, or connected TV! On this week's episode Clayton Morris joins Georgia, Guy, Dave, and Rene to talk X-Men. From the original comics to the animated shows to Bryan Singer's movies, Brett Ratner's something something, First Class, spinoffs, and Days of Future Past.

Stuff we spoil

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  • X2: X-Men United - iTunes (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab) | Google Play (opens in new tab) | Xbox Video{.nofollow}
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  • X-Men Days of Future Past (Pre-order) - iTunes (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab)
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  • Days of future past was sick. Its been a while since a good X-men movie, and this one takes the cake. Excited for Apocalypse! Posted via Android Central App
  • First Class was also great! I'm looking forward to Age of Apocalypse as well. I just have no idea who the mutants in it will be!
  • First Class wasn't a bad movie, but the storyline changes were pretty outlandish. But then again, I know the movie execs aren't concerned with pleasing fans of the comics. ( ._.)
  • I honestly don't think movies SHOULD be direct slavish adaptations of books or comics. Otherwise... you'd just read the book. The needs of an audiovisual medium are different than those of print. Obviously you should try to stay mostly true to characterization and setting and so on but I think a movie straying from its source material is a good thing as long as it's done well. And for being done well in its own right and also setting up Days of Future Past to undo X-Men 3, I like First Class. :)
  • Agreed. They should take the core and make something great that works in the new medium.
  • I'm speaking mostly about the addition of Xavier and Mystique being childhood friends in this case. Even given the prior history of the film universe that was a bit over the top (not to mention unnecessary).
  • It's hard for me to get upset about changes to comic book storylines when the comics themselves reboot the storylines at least once a decade. And even within individual continuities, characters' personalities and motivations and relationships vary wildly depending on who's writing the series at the time, not to mention the visual changes depending on the artist. I don't really care if Wolverine's 6'2 or Johnny Storm is black or Catwoman doesn't have a whip as long as they get the general spirit of the comics right.
  • Shhh. ;)
  • Hopefully Wolverine and Magneto are! They're the best ones! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Gag. Wolverine is lame. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like movie Wolverine more than comics Wolverine. In the comics, the brooding loner gets really tiresome.
  • The correct title was "Wolverine: Days of Future Past". There has only been one X-Men movie so far. The rest have been "Wolverine and the X-Men" films Posted via Android Central App
  • It's my favorite..X Men is the best.
  • First comic I ever bought myself was X-Men, middle of the Dark Phoenix Saga. So good.
  • oddly enough, same here haha. Followed by some sweet Avengers comics and never went back.
  • This movie was awesome!!!!! I watched it, rewatched First class, X-men, and X2, and then watched it again it was so good! Posted via Android Central App
  • Ha! Likewise! Just re-watched them all for the show as well, and immediately watched First Class again right after!
  • It sure is a shame that they never made a sequel to X2, though. It would've been mighty nice for there to have been a third one. BUT THERE WASN'T.
  • last stand
  • You don't understand sarcasm. Posted via Android Central App
  • Singer went to make Superman Returns, Ratner (and Rothman?) ruined what could have been X3. In a What If? I'd have love to have seen how Singer would have handled X3 and Phoenix.
  • Yeah, I think that's got to be the worst decision Singer has made in his career. He made a bad Superman movie after making one good and one great X-Men movie, and left a real hack (with the exception of Red Dragon) to run his otherwise excellent trilogy into a wall. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea, I was extremely disappointed with his choice there. I don't even remember the third movie. Seriously, I think I blocked it out of my memory or something.
  • Nothing to do with the movie but the link on the very first word of the article, Review works only on iMore. And since I am here, I am not too fond of the X-Men movies but I really enjoyed First Class and Day of Future Past. I found the last Wolverine boring except for the last 20 minutes. (I don't read any comics)
  • I was about to comment the same thing. Link no worky.
  • Ugh, fixing, thanks!
  • You got it. Besides that, loving the review ideas!
  • Also, no real X-Men fan even acknowledges the existence of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine haha. However, the new Wolverine movie wasn't absolutely terrible, i guess.
  • The second one was certainly a lot better than the first, but it was just kind of boring. The problem with the second one is that none of the secondary characters, including the villains, were fleshed out very much, and because of that I just didn't give a shit about any of the action.
  • Was a great movie, wish there was a bit more action but overall it was great. Only negative was having to wait forever for the final scene. First class was OK movie, I think many people enjoyed it because it was coming off a number of bad X men movies
    Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4