Resident Evil Resistance BetaSource: Capcom

What you need to know

  • The Resident Evil Resistance beta, which was supposed to begin today, is being delayed on Steam and PS4.
  • The Xbox One version of the beta is going ahead as planned.
  • Resident Evil 3 is set to release on April 3.
  • You can preorder Resident Evil 3 on PlayStation 4 for $60 from Best Buy.

While Resident Evil 3 is almost here, the open beta for the Resident Evil Resistance multiplayer game, which is included with Resident Evil 3, was set to begin today. Unfortunately, Capcom has shared that there have been some setbacks. The Steam and PS4 versions of the beta are being delayed to sometime in the future due to undisclosed issues.

While two of the platforms for the beta are having issues, the Xbox One beta is continuing as planned, so you can go ahead and hop into that. We'll be sure to share when the PS4 version is rescheduled and available.

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Resident Evil Resistance is a non-canon game in which an evil Mastermind has kidnapped four survivors, who have to try and escape, using unique skills to survive deadly traps and creatures that the Mastermind unleashes. Capcom has also confirmed that Jill Valentine will be added to Resident Evil Resistance as a Survivor in a future update. Resident Evil 3 is set to release on April 3, 2020, though if you ordered a physical version of the game, there could be slight delays.

It's back!

Resident Evil 3

A glorious remake

Resident Evil 3 is back and more gorgeous than ever. The package not only includes the remake of the original game, but the multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance, as well.

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