Republic Wireless will now refund you for data you don't use

Republic Wireless has announced Republic Refund, its new plans that refund customers for data they don't use. The plans allow customers to add a set amount of 4G cellular data to their plan, and refunds the cost of what they don't use. These plans were first announced for testing in April.

The base plan starts at $10 per month, which gets you unlimited talk and text, and unlimited Wi-Fi data. For cellular data, tiers start at $7.50 per month for 500MB of data. There is also a 1GB tier for $15, 2GB for $30, and 3GB for $45. Customers are eligible for refunds of $1.50 for every 100MB that goes unused on their plan. So, for instance, if you have the 500MB plan, and only use 300MB of cellular data that month, instead of $17.50, you would pay $14.50.

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All of this will controlled through the Republic Wireless app, which allows you to check your data usage, manage that usage, and even get more data for your plan on demand.

Source: Republic Wireless (1), (2) via: Re/code

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