Remainder of ICS updates complete before end of August, says HTC

HTC has taken to its official Facebook page to answer fans' questions about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates for previously announced devices, such as the Desire S and Thunderbolt. In a statement repeated across several posts, HTC said --

"We're still working on getting the updates ready. We expect to have updates issues [sic] by the end of August for all devices that have been announced."

That's good news for anyone still waiting on an ICS update for an HTC device, though it's a bitter bill for Desire HD owners to swallow after their update was canned last month.

It's also worth remembering that even if HTC's finished with its updates before the end of August, that doesn't mean that's when they'll start rolling out to handsets. Mobile carriers still need to test and sign off these updates, a process which in the past has taken months to complete.

So it's a promising development, just don't expect a torrent of updates to drop in the next couple of weeks.

Source: HTC on Facebook; via: Android Police (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • So far I'm running my TB on ThunderShed1.6. My contract renewal (vzw) is in December...If ICS comes out before then I may consider unrooting for an OTA but I highly doubt that is going to happen. A hardware update is probably more of what I need at this point haha.
  • Sorry, HTC. Not going to believe you anymore. From now on it is a Nexus for me, nothing else. If you make a decent Nexus phone, I might buy it, but otherwise you lost me as a customer for good.
  • +1
    Already bought a Galaxy Nexus and sold my DHD. I was with HTC since QTek 1000....
  • So in other words HTC makes another promise about software updates, then adds the caveat to bail themselves out of a promise that we ALL know will not be met. If HTC really wanted to do the right thing they would post the updates on their website for anyone that wanted it to download. Grow some balls and stop waiting for the carriers to give you the ok. Customers have lost patience for your excuses HTC.
  • I feel like the Thunderbolt, and phones like it hardware-wise, would benefit better from 4.1.1 than just 4.0.x with project butter and all. I could be wrong, but I don't own one of those devices, and I probably won't own another HTC device until it does another Nexus. Despite the issues with my VZW Gnex, I wouldn't trade it, because I don't feel like any other phone gives me as much freedom to do what I please with my device. I'm excited for anyone still using a t-bolt to get some ICS love though, it was a great phone in it's day. I wanted one so bad, but glad I held out.
  • Incredible 2 is happy,,, we need that ICS Source code for better roms.
  • I'll probably get my OTA right about the time I'm eligible to upgrade in November. Oh well, at least I can look forward to the new HTC 5" screen superphone, which should launch with all the newest Android joy.
  • Blah! I'm getting tired of the belly aching and butt hurt over ICS for devices that are a year and half old and that currently work fine on Gingerbread. Do you really think getting ICS will be bug free? Heck no! Then everyone will be belly aching about that! Be thankful for what you have that works for crying out loud and look for a newer version of Android on new hardware.
  • Too late -- I just ditched my HTC Thunderbolt for a Motorola RAZR for free, thanks to Big Red. (There weren't any refurb TBolts in stock.) I now have ICS, and I love it. Besides, with that news last month(?) that the English version of the TBolt would never get OTA ICS, would anyone be surprised if the same happened here in the States?
  • Nooo its not fair the dev pool for cm 9 is only one guy now we were counting on that update to get a cm. 9 base for the rom we arevdoomed to gingerbread!!!!!!!!!!!! And thw un officals roms don't run youtube and google music and alot of things I wanna cry
  • I will be elgiable for an upgrade in Nov. I will not be getting an HTC phone. It will more than likely be a Samsung device.
  • Jelly bean on my gnex is awesome.
  • Ide never trust HTC they lie & cheat customer base. After promissing ics for 6 months then the week of release is unforgiving. It has to be a nexus or Galaxy s3 for me :) at least Samsung dont make promisses keeping customers waiting the cancel on it due week of release. Wonder who HTC next victims are. Also the idea of sence is stupid uses memory & slows phones down full of bloatware. I think they owe it to DHD customers to put out the kernal source for XDA to get the job done a update HTC canceled. HTC will go broke at this rate the customer base are jumping ship to providers that dont promise then cancel.
  • The wait is finally over – We finally have ICS for the HTC Thunderbolt with working data! Find out more here: