Reddit Talk is a Clubhouse clone that could boost AMAs on Android

Reddit Talk
Reddit Talk (Image credit: Reddit)

What you need to know

  • Reddit has just announced its own Clubhouse clone, Reddit Talk.
  • The platform works similarly to Clubhouse, with its own Reddit flair added to the mix.
  • The service isn't widely available at the moment, but moderators can join the waitlist.

Reddit just officially jumped on the Clubhouse train. Coming on the heels of Facebook's announcement, as well as other offerings like Twitter Spaces and Discord's Stage Channels, Reddit is rolling out with Reddit Talk. The service will offer a Clubhouse-like experience with Reddit's own particular flair.

Reddit Talk Features

Source: Reddit (Image credit: Source: Reddit)

The platform revealed on Monday that Reddit Talk will be available within subreddits. It will feature hosts and audiences, and the host will be able to regulate the audio chats, meaning users can be invited, muted, or booted. Reddit hopes to bring more customization to the service with background colors, reactions, and interchangeable avatars to fit the conversation topic. The platform also hopes to leverage Reddit Talk for AMAs, Q&As, and other such community discussions.

Reddit Talk Moderation

Source: Reddit (Image credit: Source: Reddit)

Reddit is taking moderation seriously during this "sneak preview" phase; only Reddit moderators can initiate a "Talk" and bring in others to co-host. Right now, there's a waitlist that only mods can sign up for to try out the service, but anyone can listen in. Unlike Clubhouse, which is still not available on the best Android phones, Reddit Talk will be available for both Android and iOS users, meaning soon you won't have to just use Twitter Spaces to get community audio chats.

Reddit is hoping to get as much feedback as possible, according to an administrator:

...the feature will be opt in. We are announcing it early to work with moderators who have expressed interest...This feature will not succeed if we don't work closely with mods to make it great. We want your input early and often.

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