Reddit makes AMA sessions easier to digest with new official app

One of the more popular areas of Reddit is the Ask Me Anything subreddit, enabling visitors to engage with others who are holding an AMA session to answer all questions put forward. The website has launched an official app on Android since these sessions can attract a fair number of Reddit users. It can often be difficult for anyone to follow exactly what's being published by the author. This dedicated app is set a neat solution.

The main advantage to the app is how it's able to parse through the entire session and remove questions that weren't answered by the thread starter, making it easier to breeze through questions and responses. If you're in a live session, the Reddit AMA app also enables you to put forward questions to be answered. It's a simple solution overall, but one we're sure many AMA fans will enjoy using. If you find yourself frequently enjoying said sessions, we highly recommend you check the app out.

Rich Edmonds