Rec Room has a new quest and you can play it without a VR headset

Rec Room is one of my favorite PlayStation VR games. It is constantly evolving and adding new content like the ridiculously fun Rec Royale, a Fortnite-style battle royale game containing the same comedic flair with which Rec Room approaches everything. And at the fantastic price point of free, Rec Room is a must have for all VR libraries.

The new quest Crescendo of the Blood Moon takes a lot of queues from Castlevania. It is Against Gravity's attempt at a dark and gritty game normally light-hearted and fun, and so far it totally works. A lot of people make custom games in Rec Room and some of the most popular are the horror inspired rooms, so Against Gravity wanted to bring the players something official around that theme.

You are monster hunters looking to make your way through a castle, solving puzzles. You get to use a whip to move around the map as well as to fight the "scary monsters" that attack you — don't tell anyone but they are just wind up toys — all the while enjoying the scenery of this gorgeous title. As usual, the quests in Rec Room are best completed in teams of three but Against Gravity has said that it can be attempted solo if you want to.

With the launch of Crescendo of the Blood Moon, Rec Room is pushing heavily on their new feature screen mode. Screen mode allows you to play Rec Room even if you don't own a PSVR so you can be a part of one of the best social VR games without needing VR to play!

Crescendo of the Blood Moon is available today as a free update to Rec Room and will appear in your game after the update. There is no extra fee for this new content as the game is free anyway. Take advantage of that and enjoy yourself in a world built for play.

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James Bricknell
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