Our readers think smart glasses are still lame, but there's some interest

Nreal Light Hardware Hold Front
Nreal Light Hardware Hold Front (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • We asked our readers if they were interested in buying smart glasses.
  • Nearly half the responses were not interested.
  • Many would still buy them, while some would consider it.

Smart glasses have come a long way. They've gone from a category that was fairly out of reach, even with the introduction of Google Glass, to one that's bustling with more and more devices between several sub-categories. There are several different types of smart glasses out there, and with this focus on the metaverse and connected wearables, we asked whether our readers were interested in the slowly growing fad.

Of 480 responses, 45% voted that they wouldn't be interested. However, a close 38% said they'd buy a pair while 12% said it depends. Some readers said they already own smart glasses.

Smart Glasses Poll Responses

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

One reader, issosci, says that they own a pair of smart glasses and enjoys the convenience that they bring, especially since the Echo Frames can be outfitted with prescription lenses. However, they note that not everyone will feel the same way:

I have the Amazon Echo glasses and I like them. Since I had to start wearing glasses again I figured I'd pick up a pair. Being able to listen to text messages and respond without picking up my phone is nice. Phone calls on them is convenient too. It's not for everyone but they work for me. Now if I can get something with a headsup display for when I'm on my motorcycle I'd be set.

Meanwhile, other commenters call smart glasses an "expensive gimmick" and would only consider them if they all allowed prescription lenses, had advanced AR/VR capabilities like the Nreal Light, and offered better battery life.

Are smart glasses for you? If so, what kind are you interested in? The poll may be closed, but the conversation continues!

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