Oculus Quest v38 update adds social home spaces, tracking fixes, and more

Oculus Personal Workspace Environment In Horizon Home
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What you need to know

  • Meta is rolling out the v38 update for Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 headsets.
  • The update transforms the lonely home space into a more social one, including the ability to add your couch and desk to the space.
  • Recent tracking issues should be fixed, settings and multiplayer-enabled games are now easier to find, and it's now easier to make friends with recently-met folks.

Quest users, it's that time again! The March 2022 update, better known as the Quest v38 update, is rolling out to Quest users everywhere and should appear on your headset automatically over the next few days.

Meta began testing some components of the update prior to the v38 rollout, as evidenced by a few Twitter and Reddit users posting about Horizon Home features appearing on their Quest and Quest 2 headsets, even though they were still on the v37 firmware.

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The rebrand to Horizon Home brings about several changes to the Oculus Home space, including the ability to teleport around the environment, invite friends to socialize in your home space, and easily make friends with folks you have recently played with online. Games that support enhanced multiplayer features will also be highlighted in your library, ensuring you know which games are easiest to play with friends.

Last month's update included more keyboards to track — including the Apple Magic Keyboard — and v38 makes this option, as well as Bluetooth settings, available to all Quest users. All users can also now add their couch or desk to their environment. Previously, these options were only available in the experimental menu.

Horizon Home Oculus Quest Invite

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Meta is also working on redesigning the settings and other menus to make them more user-friendly. While Meta and other tech companies like it are always looking for ways to improve their UI experience, these specific changes are likely being made in response to user complaints about the complexity of the Oculus UI in the past.

Lastly, Meta is addressing a number of other tracking-related complaints in this update and says that some users may need to redraw their Guardian boundaries. Hopefully, that solves the issue folks have been seeing lately where Guardian boundaries would get lost in the middle of a play session. Check out the full release notes to see all the little tidbits Meta added to this update.

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