Quest v37 update adds Apple Magic Keyboard support, tab resizing, and more

Oculus Quest 2 Apple Magic Keyboard
Oculus Quest 2 Apple Magic Keyboard (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The v37 update for Quest virtual reality headsets rolls out with several new features starting today.
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard can now be paired with the headset and viewed within VR.
  • Other features in the update include window resizing, a hand-tracked gesture, and a way to share website links between a smartphone and the headset.

The v37 update for Quest 2 and other Quest virtual reality headsets is rolling out to users beginning today with new features focusing on more or easier methods of working within VR.

The first big feature is Quest 2 support for Apple's Magic Keyboard. Now users can pair the keyboard to their headset and see a 3D model of the keyboard and your hands while in Home. It can be paired through the Experimental Features panel in Settings and hand tracking will also need to be enabled to work. Developers will be able to add Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech's K830 keyboard, which has been usable in Home since the v28 update last year, support to their own apps sometime next week, according to the announcement.

Another feature added in the update is being able to resize 2D windows within Home. There are now two display options for viewing windows with Tablet and Desktop modes. Tablet mode shows a "single, close-up window," while Desktop mode is what it normally is with larger windows that are further away and supports multitasking.

All windows, including the Store and Library, will open in the selected option, but can be switched at any time through the little grey line underneath the panels. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off the new feature below.

The v37 update also introduces several smaller features such as a hand-tracking gesture for the Quick Action menu by holding your hand palm up and make a pinching motion, a redesigned Explore page when first booting up, and being able to share website links between a smartphone and the headset through the Oculus mobile app. The latter option is only available for Android devices as of the update, but will be coming to iOS in the future.

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The Quest 2 offers increased power, resolution, and flexibility over the original virtual headset. It is a complete, all-in-one headset that does not need to be tethered to a PC or smartphone in order to work.

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