Put some island beauty on your desktop with these Moana wallpapers

Moana came out today in the U.S., and if there's anything I want to do more than sit around a table filled with stuffed birds and mediocre sides, it's go to the movies. Moana couldn't have shown up at a better time, and to celebrate, we've got some wallpapers of our new favorite Disney heroine.

The ocean is my friend

Yeah, I wish this movie were cel animation, too. If the movie looked like this, I might actually go watch it on repeat. Look at those lines, look at the soft focus, look at that color! Oh, just let the waves crash over me...

Disney's Moana by MarioOscarGabriele

See the light as it shines on the sea; it's blinding!

Sunsets are pretty amazing wherever they happen, but there's a magic all its own when sunsets happen at sea. This island sunset is just stunning, a flourish of color and shadow to brighten up your phone in even the grayest winter days. The lighting work ryky puts into their work is amazing, and while this image is a bit small, I had no qualms rocking this wallpaper and feeling that light and color energize me each time I unlocked my phone.

MOANA by ryky

Pensive, pretty, regal

The light colors, the soft lines, the warmth that pervades the piece, it just fills the soul and carries it across the waves. Prince Kido is one of my favorite artists on DeviantArt, and there's a very good reason: his work is amazing. He's animated books for Disney before, his gallery is nothing short of amazing, and his original comic Bichon is an adorable work that has a wonderful take on gender roles and self-discovery. Definitely check his work out once you've downloaded this wallpaper.

Fanart de Moana by princekido

Have a flower

I think we're all a little jealous of the connection Moana shares with the sea. Who wouldn't want two-thirds of the planet's surface as your friend?! Especially when it can sass demigods and show the way with bioluminescence! This wallpaper highlights that spirit of friendship as Moana offers a beautiful flower to the ocean that protects and guides her.

Moana by snownymphs

And when it's time to find home, we know the way

This was one of the earliest glimpses we had into Moana, and it remains a breathtaking piece showcasing how wide and wonderful Moana's world can be, with them sailing towards these picturesque (and seemingly massive) islands. The detailing in this sweeping shot is incredible, and it can add a little wonder to your home screen each time you come back to it. What's on those islands? How far will we go?

Moana Concept Art

Ara Wagoner

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