Pushbullet brings full SMS experience to the computer

Pushbullet, the popular app which allows easy communication between your phone an computer, has brought a full SMS experience to the desktop. Previously, users could access single messages and send replies, but now they can view all the conversations from their phone. With this, you can now easily have full conversations with multiple contacts from your computer, and pick up right where you left off on your phone when you leave.

The SMS threads will show up on the left side of the window, and clicking on a thread will open the conversation history. From here you can simply type a reply, hit send, and it gets sent off to the contact. If you are one to talk to multiple people at the same time, you can click the arrow to the right of the contacts name to open a new chat window.

All messages sent from the computer are actually sent through your phone, meaning they will show your phone number, and the recipient will not notice a difference. Of course, SMS rates from your carrier will still apply when using Pushbullet to send messages. You can grab the updated Pushbullet for Android app in the Google Play Store now.

Source: Pushbullet