PSA: AT&T is down right now for a lot of people [Update]

Updated October 16, 2018: Last night, AT&T confirmed to news outlets in Dallas that service had been restored to customers around 10:30 PM. According to AT&T, "Our technicians have restored service for internet customers in the Dallas area after service was interrupted by a fire at one of our facilities earlier today.

Have AT&T for your phone service and/or home internet? If so, there's a good chance you're experiencing some connectivity issues right now.

Numerous subscribers have taken to Twitter to complain about phone and internet service outages for the carrier, and per the AT&T Cares Twitter account, the trouble is due to a fire at one of its facilities in Dallas, Texas.

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Along with Texas being hit with outages, Down Detector also shows problems in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more.

On top of phone and internet service being out, AT&T's support numbers and websites to report outages are also failing to load for some users.

Once AT&T gets all of this resolved, we'll update our article accordingly.

Joe Maring

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  • I’m surprised something like this would cause such a widespread outage. I figured there would be more regional redundancies in place.
  • I live about 80 miles from there and I've had no problems at all. I'm actually on Cricket Wireless but they are owned by AT&T and use their network.
  • Also on Cricket with no issues. But EVERYbody in our neighborhood and surrounding areas has been out of their home internet all day because of this.
  • I work for Dallas County and I was told that our services were down because it's been flooding here and AT@T power runs underground so it had been severally wet, but this is also crazy