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What you need to know

  • The PS5 is in-stock at Walmart right now.
  • Only online purchases are available. They will not be available in-stores.
  • The console is set to ship at the beginning of March if you order today.

Sony's PS5 is going to be in-stock at Walmart starting at 3:30pm ET, so act fast and grab one today. If you missed that chance, you may get another one today at a later time. Walmart's been one of the most consistent retailers at letting customers now when more consoles will be in-stock, putting up the PS5 in waves at different times so that more people can get a chance to buy one.


Ps5 Regular Render Cropped Reco Box

PlayStation 5

You could have your hands on a console very soon

Walmart has restocked the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Sony's latest and greatest console packs over 10TFLOPS of power with a wicked fast SSD that can load some games near-instantaneously. Don't miss out on next-gen gaming with this beast of a machine, delivering games like Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War in the years to come.

The PS5 has been selling out fast at every retailer, so it's been difficult for many to get their hands on one. If you were one of the lucky few who managed to snag one from Walmart today, it looks like they aren't set to arrive until the beginning of March. It'll be a long wait for your new console to arrive.

When your PS5 does come in, you can start by playing some of the best PS5 games on it right now. From AAA titles like Demon's Souls to the charming indie Bugsnax, there are plenty of titles to play.

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