Best Buy begins pre-orders for the LG G4

The company is now accepting pre-orders of the LG G4 for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for customers who want to guarantee they get the device the day it comes out. Both the Verizon and Sprint models show pricing of $199 on contract, while the Verizon model is $609 off contract and the Sprint model is $649. The AT&T model is listed at $22.34 a month with the leather back, or $21.00 for the plastic, both paid over 30 months with the AT&T Next Program. Full retail pricing for the AT&T model is listed by Best Buy at $669.

Along with the pre-order pricing, Best Buy may have dropped some more information about when to expect the Verizon and AT&T releases. The site shows June 5 for Sprint, which was already confirmed, while showing June 4 for Verizon and June 12 for AT&T. Best Buy is offering the black leather variant along with the ceramic ones for both Sprint and AT&T, but they don't offer any leather choices for Verizon customers. Will you be pre-ordering the LG G4 from Best Buy to take advantage of the $100 gift card?

Pre-order the LG G4 from Best Buy now

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