Popular iOS email app Spark is finally available for Android

April 2, 2019, is a big day for the world of email, for both good and bad reasons. Not only are we saying farewell to Inbox after four years of greatness, but a new Android app has also arrived that aims to be one of the better Inbox replacements we've seen yet. That email app is Spark.

Spark first debuted on iOS a few years back and has established itself as one of the best third-party email apps in the App Store. We've been longing for an Android release for quite some time, and as of right now, it's available as a free download on the Play Store.

So, what is it that makes Spark so great? There are a lot of things, but especially for former Inbox users, one of the big highlights will be Spark's Smart Inbox feature. This automatically bundles your emails into various categories, including things like Newsletters, Notifications, Personal, and more. Furthermore, you can choose to only receive notifications if you receive an email from someone important.

You'll also find other features here and there to make dealing with your inbox as pain-free as possible. Spark includes the ability to snooze emails, schedule messages to be sent at a future date, get reminders/follow-ups for emails, pin important emails to your inbox so you don't forget them, and a Smart Search function to find exactly what you need.

Not every feature from the Spark iOS app is available on Android quite yet. Developer Readdle says that "achieving feature parity across iOS and Android is a top priority" and that the following features will be available for Android "very soon":

  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Calendar
  • Quick Replies
  • Email Templates
  • Email Delegation for Teams

If you're interested in trying out Spark, it works with Gmail, Yahoo!, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, and IMAP.

Download: Spark (free) (opens in new tab)

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • I've tried it and although it's quite nice it doesn't bundle emails together for trips for example. Ie. I have a trip to Berlin in May and all the emails for the trip (hotel, flight, car parking) are all automatically bundled into one for easy reference. Spark doesn't do this and Gmail doesn't either. Google trips sort of does it but it doesn't bundle everything. Feels like a backward step - mainly because it is. I'll miss inbox immensely.
  • Not directly related to email apps, but I regularly use kayak and you can link it to your email which it'll pull trip related things in one handy place in your "trips" section of your kayak account. You can name different trips and group things like flights, hotel/airbnb reservations, and car rentals into their own trips. Even if it doesn't catch them you can manually put in information.
  • I wouldn't quite call Spark a replacement for Inbox, but it may be a worthwhile email client nonetheless. I don't really plan to use it because I already have my Gmail account thoroughly tuned with labels, filters, and importance-based Android notifications. However, I do think some of Spark's UI features would be welcome in the Gmail app. My favorite is probably the double swipe gesture, but the selectable widgets (buttons inside the app that point to certain folders or functions) are a close second.
  • I am going to give it a go for everything other than my work email.
  • same. can't use it for work, but curious for my personal accounts.
  • Same. Trying to get the hang of it for personal emails. But bluemail still works best for my work mails. Will use both for now and compare. Eventually one will have to go.
  • I use BlackBerry Inbox and love it.
  • I like BlackBerry Inbox too.
  • I love Spark. It is just better imo than any other 3rd party android email app. I have bought and used bluemail, aquamail, email by edison and Nine. None of them have all the features I want and Spark does.It will soon catch up with the iOS app, but that has been out for years.