The Pool Party's over: Google shuts down photo sharing app

It's hardly a surprise, given the disbanding of the Slide contingent, that the Pool Party photo sharing service and app also has been put to bed. Pool Party was never much more than a beta endeavor (at least as far as end users go), and we're willing to bet a bit of the service is found in Google+ anyway.

Pool Party will remain up for a few more weeks, ending service on Oct. 14. Here's the official word:

Dear Phil,Thank you so much for being a beta tester and early adopter of Pool Party. As you may have seen, Slide recently announced that most of its products will be discontinued over the course of the coming months, including Pool Party. Starting in a few days, Pool Party will no longer be accepting new photo uploads.Pool Party will shut down completely on October 14th, 2011.To download your photos, log in to  You can download any photos you've uploaded as well as all photos from any of your pools.  This functionality will be available until October 14th.Thanks for all your feedback and support,Pool Party Team

Fare thee well, Pool Party.

Phil Nickinson
  • Never got a beta invite. No harm, no foul.
  • Frankly, this stinks. Those of us that moved all-in on Google Voice can't do quick picture messaging. Pool Party filled the gap. Google usually makes the right calls. This isn't one of them.
  • I just got this email too. Never really used Pool Party
  • This sucks, I never got a beta invite either :( Maybe Google has something else up their sleeves. Off-Topic, Phil, your Thunderbolt looks like hell LOL
  • yea, seriously, what have you been doing, chewing on it? ;)
  • Damn, I really like this application.
  • I didn't even take the time want an invite for this lol.
  • ...never heard of it
  • I never even heard of that...
  • I tried it out but I never really uploaded anything to it. So this isn't sadding in the least bit.
  • Bit of a bummer, Picasa web is pretty rudimentary in comparison and i think this did a much better job to manage my photos. Hopefully we'll see its code moved into G+ as an enhancement.
  • This looks a lot like that Photovine app
  • Figures. I never get invited to any of the parties :(
  • Darn... Was sending my invites to people who were attending my wedding and created a pool just for it. During the reception and wedding the could have just uploaded the photos right then and there. Guess I will figure something else out.