IR remotes on your phone — who is using them?

2013 was not officially the year of Infrared. We think that happened sometime back in the late 1970s. But it was the year we started seeing phone manufacturers add IR transmitting abilities to their high-end phones. Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG all jumped on board and now anyone and everyone can buy an Android phone or tablet with an IR transmitter built right in, and there are built-in applications to use them to control the stuff in your entertainment center.

Since its inception, better alternatives to IR have come along. Things like IP-based controllers (using Wifi or even cellular data) work better and have almost unlimited range, and cloud-based controls are the new big thing. But IR isn't going anywhere anytime soon, because it's cheap, and limitations like line-of-site and distance aside, it works really well.

We like all this, in theory. Now we want to know if anyone is really using it. Look past the break and see the poll, and let us know.