Pokémon Quest for Android: Everything you need to know

Update June 27, 2018: Pokémon Quest has launched on Android

The wait is over — Pokémon Quest has officially launched on Android! Download it and start catching them all!

Set in a world where all your favorite Pokémon from Kanto region (think Pokémon Blue and Red) have turned to cubes on Tumblecube Island. You're tasked with befriending these Pokémon and exploring the island to discover hidden secrets scattered multiple areas.

Download: Pokémon Quest (Free w/IAPs)

What's there to do in this game?

This is not the "traditional" Pokémon RPG that you remember from your childhood. While you do start out by selecting your first Pokémon from a familiar roster of starters — Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, or Eevee. Each starter has a unique attack and HP stat, but unlike previous games, your Pokémon's type won't have a special effect based on the traditional type strengths and weaknesses.

Once you start out, you'll begin exploring the different areas and each starter Pokémon has an early stage area that's designed to be a bit easier for them to ease you into the game. From there, the core mechanics of this game revolve around befriending new Pokémon, adding and upgrading them to your team, then taking your team out on expeditions to find loot and battle wild Pokémon. Each area's difficulty level is represented by a number which you'll compare to your team's power level to determine your chance of success.

Once you're out exploring, your Pokémon engage in battles automatically. It's nothing like the battling found in the other Pokémon RPG's you've played, as you have had limited control over your Pokémon. You are able to tap their special abilities to give your team the edge in even battles, but there's a cooldown timer so you can't just frantically tap your way to victory.

Another core element of the game is the ability to cook meals using different ingredients you'll collect as you play. The meals you cook are unique and will attract different types of Pokémon, so an important aspect of the game will be experimenting at your cooking pot by trying out different recipes and seeing what Pokémon they attract. A good portion of your time playing Pokémon Quest will be spent cooking and upgrading your campsite with fun decorations.

It's a free-to-play adventure

As you might expect, Pokémon Quest will be free-to-play on mobile with in-app purchases likely available to buy more PM tickets, the in-game currency which you can spend on upgrades that cut down on cook time for your recipes along with other upgrades available from the shop. Unlike other games that are quite restrictive with its implementation of in-app purchases, Pokémon Quest seems to have found a nice balance where in-app purchases can be used to speed up your progress but are not requried to keep progressing.

Will it run on my phone?

The system requirements for Pokémonn Quest are pretty basic, only requiring a phone running Android OS 4.4 or newer and 2GB of RAM meaning this game should work on practically any Android phone released in the past three years with no issues.

Download: Pokémon Quest (Free w/IAPs)

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