Pokémon Go is now officially available in the UK!

Pokémon Go has taken the U.S. and other select markets where it's available by storm, but now the popular title is finally available in the UK. There's no longer a requirement for you to risk your handset's security by downloading some potentially malicious app. Simply head into Google Play, view the Pokémon Go listing and hit that download button.

Note: If you're not seeing Pokémon Go as available in the Play Store app on your phone, try installing it via the web store on a computer instead.

As has been the case in a number of reports, we urge you fellow British citizens to remain calm and throw some balls, but always be aware of your surroundings. And please, don't Pokémon and drive. You can grab Pokémon Go from the Play Store using the link below. Sound out in the comments if you're already out and about this morning!

Rich Edmonds