Phones, wearables and currywurst [#acpodcast]

We'll do it live! Andrew Martonik, Alex Dobie, and Phil Nickinson, have traveled all the way to Berlin, Germany for IFA 2017 to bring you the latest announcements in the Android universe. They do a deep dive into the LG V30, Moto X4, plus new wearables from Samsung, connected speakers, and more!

Jim Metzendorf
  • Bringing back the band
  • Yep
  • I really enjoyed the last "live" podcast. I feel like going forward, drinks (shots) should be thing for all future "live" podcasts. Regardless, great podcast, as always. V30!
  • Yes, awesome podcast as always, kind regards, Richard U.K
  • re Future relevance of Google's own smart speaker: they'll make a Google WiFi/Home combo device. Mesh network + Google Assistant + Cast/Bluetooth speaker. At least I hope so. I'd buy it.
  • In regards to Chromecast. I personally use my Google Home to cast stuff all the time to my Living Room TV. I now prefer using cast over the built in apps on my Tivo or devices with a remote. IMO it is easier to say Hey Google, Cast "Stranger Things" on living room or "Pause, Continue, Rewind/Fast Forward, than using a remote to navigate to the app (Netflix, YouTube) find what I want to play and play it. If I am not sitting in front of the TV I can ask my Home to pause the TV without having to stop what I am doing and grabbing the remote to pause or listen to the next song.
  • The total lack of empirical analysis - especially in regards to the X4 - in this podcast is astounding. You guys pretty much trash anything that isn't Samsung or made of glass that shatters if you look at it sideways. A phone doesn't need unique software features within its brand to stand out, it can also just be better at doing normal stuff than other phones at its price point, or have hardware features they don't have. Let me know when you find another phone besides the X4 that is waterproof, shatter resistant, has expandable and adoptable storage, has 802.11ac support, and is unlocked for all US carriers for less than $400.