Android Central Podcast Episode 35

Top o' the news

  • Verizon Galaxy Tab coming Nov. 11, will sell for $599.99, $20 for 1GB of data

Hardware news

  • Verizon's Q4 global lineup: HTC Merge, Droid Pro, LG enV Pro, Droid 2 Global
  • Samsung Continuum video hands-on
  • Epic 4G modded to charge on Palm Touchstone
  • HTC Bee and Desire dummy units arive at Alltel locations
  • Want a customized Android handset? Look to Germany's Synapse-Phones
  • HTC Gratia is announced, brings the Aria to Europe
  • Motorola Defy to hit T-Mobile on Nov. 3
  • Logitech Revue for sale in Best Buy now
  • Epic 4G owner tears apart keyboard to get custom gaming controls
  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread almost done, expect tablets galore at CES

Software news

  • Hands-on with Winamp for Android: Great music app, easy wireless syncing
  • GetJar says Angry Birds release drove traffic some 8 to 10 times higher
  • Docs to Go 3.0 for Android now available
  • Google Voice Search adds Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish
  • Hands-on with the new and improved YouTube app for Android
  • Google Voice updated to allow searching of voicemail transcripts, text messages
  • HTC strikes deal with TomTom, will include the service in Desire Z and Desire HD

Android OS news

  • Ice Cream to follow Honeycomb in the Android dessert lineup, Forbes says
  • Hands on with the myTouch 4G ROM port on the Nexus One --> -->
  • MyTouch 4G media roundup [From the Forums]
  • MyTouch 4G shows itself off in video included in ROM leak
  • T-Mobile G2 overclock gets even better -- and released --> -->
  • Galaxy S Froyo updates will return sometime in November, Samsung says
  • Select users testing Android 2.1 on Cliq
  • Froyo (2.2.1) leaked and modded for the Motorola Milestone --> -->
  • What the hell is this running on an HTC Touch Dual?
  • Blurry Gingerbread pic now a blurry video, shows blinking power-off
  • Android sends Steve Jobs over the edge, Andy Rubin responds in code
  • Joe Hewitt, open source software, and the benefit of a good night's sleep

Voicemails and e-mails

  • Hunter's voicemails
  • Javier's voicemail
  • Ken's Voicemail
Phil Nickinson