Android Central 192: All About Android Wear

We take up nearly this entire episode with Android Wear. What is it? Why would you want it? What is the smartwatch you have to have? Plus we answer your questions, live on air. Join us for the smartwatch revolution!

Thing 1: Android Wear

  • The complete list of Android Wear apps
  • Android Wear app now available for all in Google Play
  • How to blacklist apps in Android Wear
  • The Hadley-Roma strap Phil is using ($40 on Amazon)

Thing 2: Google I/O follow-up

  • Google rolls out Google Play Services 5.0
  • The L Developer Preview will have bugs — here's how to deal with them
  • Android in 2015: Bringing 'pure Google' to every screen
  • Android L preview code hitting AOSP for current Nexus devices
  • Google Docs and Sheets updated, edit MS Office files and see a hint of the new design
  • Google Voice shows a slight sign of life

Thing 3: Other stuff

  • Google takes on Beats with Songza acquisition
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, two months on
  • Sprint's LG G3 available July 18

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Phil Nickinson