Android Central 175: Android Wear

Google has announced Android Wear — it's software platform for wearables — and along with it we saw a couple new smartwatches announced, the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. So Phil from Android Central, Adam from, CrackBerry Kevin and Mobile Nations Design Director David Lundblad got together to hash it all out.

(Warning: There's a little bit of NSFW language in this one.)

  • Google officially announces Android Wear
  • Motorola announces 'Moto 360,' its first Android Wear device
  • LG announces G Watch, powered by Android Wear
  • Android Wear announcements today have Pebble founder 'excited'
  • Fossil Group supporting Android Wear devices
Phil Nickinson
  • google was showing real world use and pulling on heart strings while apple was playing chopsticks on an ipad. samsung was even changing diapers around the same time also. i dunno why everything has to be attributed/copied from the way apple does things. maybe some peeps ff through commercials more than others... i dunno.
  • NSFW language? Hahaha... Please Listening right now. :)
  • No love for the G watch lol. Conversation was all about the Moto 360.
    Off topic I'd like to see device manager on the watch. Posted via Android Central App
  • Watching the live numbers today, the Moto 360 was pulling in three times the traffic.
  • I'm listening now, and the choice of words is very appropriate! Posted via Android Central App
  • Samsung's involvement probably means that they are providing the screens. Posted via Android Central App
  • Android Wear: Could we be jumping the gun by thinking that this platform won't be as customisable as android itself. I want it to be locked down as is and being a universal wearable OS but... wouldn't that be at odds with the ethos of android itself? Android Wear Sense 6.0
    Android Wear S Life Companion
    Android Wear ... you get my drift.