Plex Live TV now available for web and Amazon Fire TV

Owning a Plex Pass just keeps getting better and better. In addition to longtime features such as being able to access your own content and accessing other content through channels, Plex recently added a Live TV feature. Users with a compatible antenna and adapter would be able to hook into over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts for free. Combined with Plex's metadata, the interface looks just like you'd expect with channel listings and show information. The feature launched on Android TV before becoming available on iOS and Android smartphones.

Today, Plex has announced users will soon be able to browse OTA channels from the Plex website or an Amazon Fire TV. That doesn't quite cover all the platforms Plex is available on, since the service is on every platform imaginable. Still, it will be a significant amount of users, and the feature will continue to roll out to new platforms as time goes on.

The Fire TV will also be able to access the DVR feature. As suggested, this feature lets Plex users record free OTA streams to their local hard drives to watch at a later time. The web interface does not have DVR support at this time. The Fire TV Plex application will also be updated with a new, more intuitive interface. The Live TV and DVR functionality is only supported when connecting to physical servers hosted by a computer or NVIDIA SHIELD TV, not from a Plex Cloud server that has media stored in a Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage service.

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Tom Westrick