Playstation Phone caught on video again, no blurrycam this time around

The last time we got a sneak peak at the Playstation phone, it came courtesy of good ol' Mr. Blurry cam. That of course left some folks out there still questioning it's existence and still feeling a little skeptical about the whole thing. Alas, another video has now popped up showing off the device rather vividly. All hail Zeus for this one, it's nice.

Not much has changed in that time; the device is still rather thick and still appears to be running Gingerbread. But, if you look carefully you can now see the Playstation icon on the device itself which, for most should leave you with no doubt about it's ability to run Playstation games. When will we see it? Not sure really but CES is upon us. [Engadget]

  • If it's running Gingerbread, where are the green accents on the browser and phone launcher?
  • I thought the same thing until the end. Notice how it bounces and then glows when he reaches the ends of the launcher? That was a 2.3 feature that was verbally leaked out. Might just be skinned 2.3.
  • Yeah, I noticed that, too. Hopefully we find out more, soon.
  • Was thinking the same thing. Not as visually slick as I was hoping for though.
  • It's a really nice phone, but i'm 100% sure it's not going to Sprint so it doesn't really interest me. Also, that phone is THICK. They could build houses with it.
  • I was thinking the same thing... and since when does android use words in the about phone section? I've never seen anything other then version numbers. 2.1.....2.1 update 1.... 2.2 ect..
  • So psphone will have any games that psp/ps3 have or just regular phones games...
    And battery life, as we know android phones are very limited... if i want a portable game device id buy the psp and has great juice for it, but i am glad sony are coming out with at least with better phones... P.s.
    Looks good but at first it looked like bb storm...
  • Yea they need to follow Samsung.
  • You mean Vodaphone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile right?
  • I rather wait for the PSP 2...
  • QTP: What if this phone, in a slightly modified WiFi-only version, was the PSP2? Just speculating here...
  • I think the slightly larger than normal size is somewhat a good thing. If it were too small then playing on it could be really painfull. I already can't play on the psp for too long or my fingers stat to kill me.
  • No doubt it needs a big battery.
  • To quote shady,"you got more junk in your trunk then I do in my car". Man that phone is beefy, plus its Sony so you can expect an update once every 10years. Not the phone for me.
  • I want it, NOW
  • Ill take two
  • You guys ever think that maybe it's so think BECAUSE it has a big battery?
  • When we get the update, will it say gingerbread there instead of version 2.3?
  • I just hope its comes to sprint.
  • "The last time we got a sneak peak at the Playstation phone," I believe you meant peek, rather than peak. Mountains are not known for their stealth. :)
  • i love how it's running stock gingerbread. Good to know that sony hasn't slowed down the phone by messing with the stock.
  • That is ugly is SIN. I mean just awful.
  • Can we see it play a game? Otherwise what's the point really?
  • Kind of stupid question.. but where do you put the PSP games? I mean.. it can't be a PSP phone, if it doesn't play PSP games, right?
  • The PSP Go doesn't have a UMD drive either and that's a PSP device. I'd imagine it'd have it's own digital Playstation Store, much like the PSP Go does.
  • Ok. I see... was not aware of the PSP go (apparently missed that one) Thanx
  • Anyone else notice the 3D app drawer now rotates when the phone is turned?
  • Maybe, I never really used my PSP in the first place.
  • Come on the X10 failed the PSP failed and all other mobile devices have failed, really? Are you really going to buy this over the Nexus S? Sony sucks at software, even if it is running stock, it might have Sony bloatware and may have that xui. Any other phone with Android will be better than this, even a phone by Motorola.
  • the psp did not fail by any means. It's sold 64 million units to xbox 360's 40 million. So accordind to you the xbox and psp and playstation 3 all failed. And the ds outsold all systems. So what wasn't a failure then?
  • Its funny how that "gingerbread" looks an awful lot like the "LAUNCHERPRO" I run instead of HTC sense on my EVO. LAUNCHERPRO rotates the bottom icons like that.
  • But it doesn't have a fade-in app drawer, and it's app drawer doesn't glow when it hits the end like that. Furthermore, LauncherPro rotates based on the accelorometer. This launcher rotated when the phone slides out.
  • I'm not up on the PSPhone rumors. Is this supposed to be compatible with some member of the Playstation line? The video lacked any evidence that this can play, you know, games. If it's a stock android with a PSP controller, what's the point and why so thick? If the extra girth isn't packing PSP hardware I don't see the point. If my questions are answered in some other rumor thread, thanks for letting me rant anyway. --Qfg
  • 3d app launcher came out in january 5th to nexus one . IS ANDROID 2.1 OS FEATURE WITH LG ALLY,g2 has this launcher as well.
  • @noszero launcherpro copied the feature from stock ui from nexus one and copy widget and leap from sense ui
  • That phone to me look like sony ericson xpedia x10 when it came out in early feb 2010 with first 4 inches android before HTC and MOTO copied with their devices.
  • Gingerbread? Nope. LauncherPro? Yep.
  • look again. Icons rotate based on slider-controller activity, not accelerometer.
  • are those analog controllers in the middle of the controls or are those touchpad controls? touch controls are kind of iffy. i don't know if touch pad have as much sensitivity as analog controls but i guess i could be proven wrong.
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  • That is the ugliest phone I've ever seen.
  • I think this phone is going to be a hit. I hope it is that thick because it has a huge honking battery.
  • To me this phone xpedia 10 with game ripper/knock off psp made for gaming device on android to bring full hd/3d games from sony.
  • How about SE focusing on helping AT&T get the OS 2.1 ready for the Xperia X10. That's the LEAST they could do.
  • if they don't screw up the phone part and it can run full psp and android games then I want one.
  • This phone isn't attractive at all and it looks super heavy. I'll pass.
  • This is just so... WHY? I mean... really! I understand, it sounds cool... but I cannot imagine dedicating a thing to play video games... really that thing would be better with a keyboard or something else. Just a couple of buttons, it isn't great.