The PlayStation 4 Pro is official!

PlayStation 4 Pro
PlayStation 4 Pro

The much rumored, now official, beefed up PlayStation 4 is now official; The PlayStation 4 Pro is inbound! Alongside the new, heavily leaked PS4 Slim, Sony made the announcement at its New York City event while unveiling the first true details on the console.

And naturally, PlayStation VR will be right there with it.

The PS4 Pro will sit alongside and compliment the existing, now slimmer, PS4 console. As the Pro monicker would indicate, it's been given a bit of a kick in the pants, with 4K and HDR displays being heavily discussed. Expect "transformative graphics," for what it's worth.

Inside the PS4 Pro will be a 1TB HDD, which is a little on the small side, as well as an upgraded GPU and a boosted clock speed. Apparently delivering HDR isn't a big drain on resources, something we've already seen from Microsoft with the Xbox One S. Graphical enhancements can be delivered to existing titles through "forwards compatibility," with a half dozen first-party titles already slated.

Owners of PS4 consoles to date aren't left out of the party, with a firmware update dropping soon that will enable HDR support on even three year old consoles. How's that for a treat?

PlayStation VR will be able to take advantage of the extra horsepower inside the PS4 Pro, with developers able to increase the crispness, deliver higher frame rates and double the rendered pixel count.

Since Sony and Activision are best buddies right now, it's almost guaranteed you'd see Call of Duty roll out at the event. The big story is that not only will Infinite Warfare launch with enhanced support for PS4 Pro with 4K graphics, Black Ops 3 will get updated at the launch of the console.

Oh yeah, the PS4 Pro is coming... Soon! It'll be available on November 10 for $399. PS4 Slim will cost $299 and is available on September 15.

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Richard Devine