The PlayStation 4 Pro is official!

PlayStation 4 Pro
PlayStation 4 Pro

The much rumored, now official, beefed up PlayStation 4 is now official; The PlayStation 4 Pro is inbound! Alongside the new, heavily leaked PS4 Slim, Sony made the announcement at its New York City event while unveiling the first true details on the console.

And naturally, PlayStation VR will be right there with it.

The PS4 Pro will sit alongside and compliment the existing, now slimmer, PS4 console. As the Pro monicker would indicate, it's been given a bit of a kick in the pants, with 4K and HDR displays being heavily discussed. Expect "transformative graphics," for what it's worth.

Inside the PS4 Pro will be a 1TB HDD, which is a little on the small side, as well as an upgraded GPU and a boosted clock speed. Apparently delivering HDR isn't a big drain on resources, something we've already seen from Microsoft with the Xbox One S. Graphical enhancements can be delivered to existing titles through "forwards compatibility," with a half dozen first-party titles already slated.

Owners of PS4 consoles to date aren't left out of the party, with a firmware update dropping soon that will enable HDR support on even three year old consoles. How's that for a treat?

PlayStation VR will be able to take advantage of the extra horsepower inside the PS4 Pro, with developers able to increase the crispness, deliver higher frame rates and double the rendered pixel count.

Since Sony and Activision are best buddies right now, it's almost guaranteed you'd see Call of Duty roll out at the event. The big story is that not only will Infinite Warfare launch with enhanced support for PS4 Pro with 4K graphics, Black Ops 3 will get updated at the launch of the console.

Oh yeah, the PS4 Pro is coming... Soon! It'll be available on November 10 for $399. PS4 Slim will cost $299 and is available on September 15.

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  • Nice photo...
  • The picture should be changed, that's not the pro.
  • We don't have a picture of the Pro. We have a picture of a PlayStation right now.
  • Easy cheesetits. Not that big a deal
  • Woah, u just combined 2 of my favorite things and made a new word, u da man!
  • Would like to taste that cheddar
  • Yes, it actually is.
    Unless it was updated.
    It looks like a bigmac.
    With no 4k bluray player, boo!
  • It runs Android.... Awesome! (assuming so because this is Android Central). ;)
  • ...And Sony tv's are running Android tv!
  • It doesn't need to run Android. It only needs to run some sort of Pokemon game. That does raise a question. Pokemon is still Nintendo only. Why is this here?
  • Probably still the hacked up FreeBSD they've been using. :)
  • Hah.
    It's VR related. Notice how there's been a bit of cross-posting going on with VR news? This is one of them.
  • I love how they ignore the iPhone announcement and make a post about the new PS4 instead... lololol
  • Oh never mind, they did post about the iPhone. Boooooo
  • Helping out our VR buddies.
  • If the ps4 neo doesn't sell well they will need it.
  • Actually they will need it regardless
  • I was thinking the same thing. I haven't seen an iPhone post yet.
  • First time since site Creation they ignored the iPhone and apple announcement. It's rather shocking.
  • They have a sister site called iMore FYI
  • Ah... 1TB HDD in 2016. Seriously??? Is there any upgrade for the hard drive to SSD?? This thing should come with 512gb or 1tb ssd even paying more.
    I will pay 100~200$ more for the SSD.
  • Well for $100 to $200 more you can easily fit an SSD yourself. A 1TB hard disk seems fine for a console to me though.
  • Yep, it couldn't be easier. I have 2 ps4's with 2tb HDD in each
  • Just upgrade it yourself SanDisk SSD Plus 480gb, $111 PNY SSD 960gb, $228
  • So $519.99 CAN (plus tax).. Plus for VR another $519.99 CAN. Which is almost $1200 CAN to get everything. Wow. And people complained when Oculus announced their Rift pricing. I have Rift now but not sure it's worth spending $1200 for another VR option. I do feel the game selection will be superior for VR on PS4 but still... $1200.
  • OK, now price up an oculus AND a PC that will run it. I bet the PS4 comes out cheaper.
  • It's at least half the price of a PC VR kit and a PC cable of playing VR.
  • No optical out seems strange omission. My TB headset uses and I guess most other headsets do. Isn't the audio best coming from the box rather than box to screen to headphones?
  • There is a potential problem going PS4 (HDMI) -> TV(optical) -> Headset. Some TVs, including my 60" Samsung, downmix all sound to stereo before sending over optical. If your headset is stereo-only, then it won't matter. If it decodes and plays surround sound then you will lose some directional information.
  • Okay the ball is now in Microsoft's Court. Hopefully they don't make the mistake of pricing the Scorpio more than the PlayStation 4 Pro or they will have the same situation all over again. Sony is even claiming 4K graphics.....
  • The way MS is talking about the scorpio, I can't imagine it being less than 400.
    It has to be north of that figure imo
  • They better figure something out because by the time the Scorpio comes out, Sony will be in a position to drop the price of the PS4 Pro to counter the release of the Scorpio.
  • People who are already decided to pick up the scorpio already knows that it won't be cheap. Some already expecting it to be not less than 700. I'm pretty fine with it actually. Scorpio will be pushing the boundary of console and pc and its pretty exciting. Posted via the Android Central App
  • i hear literally every figure between 400 and 900 Dollars thrown around. Nobody knows ****, so dont pretend you do when throwing prices around.
  • PS 4 pro can't even play games in native 4k. And no uhd player.. why even upgrade from a ps4.. there's no real incentive. Scorpio will blow it out of the water. Unless Sony plans to have another release next year. Just seems like the one s actually has perks to upgrading. True hdr and uhd player.. for $300 great deal when uhd players themselves are real expensive still.i just don't get where Sonya heads at with this.
  • Microsoft has gone on record saying that the Scorpio will not be cheap
  • If the scorpio is much more powerful than PS4 Pro, then maybe being much more expensive is okay. Especially if it finds a way to double as a PC in a way that it still enables it to perform convincingly as a console.
  • As for me, I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth my time to pursue the Pro, and I think I need to know more about the hardware before I can really decide. I mean, I would like to have one, sure. But I already have a PS4, an XB1, and a gaming PC that while certainly not the most cutting edge by a long shot, is still able to pull high 40s/low 50s fps on Doom 2016 running in 100% scale 1080 in ultra graphics mode. So almost as smooth as the PS4, but much prettier (insofar as the term "pretty" can be applied to Doom), not to mention KBM. :-) Look, I'm not exactly poor, but neither do I have the ability to regularly drop coin on purchases much higher than $100. I get $100 of free money every payday, but that's it for fun. Eating out has to come out of that, any toys I want, be those games, cigars, spirits, a Wolverine bobble head, any comics or magic cards, a new dorky tee shirt, - trips to the movies, a cappuccino at "schmucks", or pulling over for a fast food or food truck stop.....anything, anything and everything that's not bills or gas or groceries. And most importantly to our discussion, outside of tax time, any and all savings for bigger toys has to come out of that money too, so $100 is a much, much smaller figure than it initially sounds. Therefore, once we hit triple digits on an item, I've gotta be A LOT more picky choosy, since the goodie is now out of immediate reach, and what I think would be a pretty hard sell is why should I save up for months to spend $400 on a new console when I can get even more significant performance upgrades by doing some upgrades to the PC instead and spending about the same amount of money (especially considering how much more universal a platform that is). There are many more high caliber games on PC that are not on PS4 than the other way around, and the games that are on both would likely still look noticeably better on the PC - especially when the PS4 exclusives will still run on my original PS4, albeit not at full mojo, so skipping updating the PC to snag a Pro would be a REALLY hard sell. If the Scorpio is going to be much more powerful, and more of a format blender, then even being more expensive like is, it still might be a little easier to justify (especially as like a tax time goodie) than a cheaper, but more incremental PS4 Pro. And then on top of all of that, there'a still the NX I need to be preparing for. Even being a weaker (and weirder) system, those proprietary first party Nintendo IPs always seem to have this funny way of completely justifying themselves. So yeah, I absolutely want a PS4 Pro....totally!....but with as limited as my resources are, and as many objects that would slot higher on the wish list, it will be a very long time if ever before that dream comes true. Now, what would make my life a -WHOLE LOT EASIER- would be if rather than forcing us to spend $400 on a whole new console when we already have a PS4, if they offered us some other upgrade path, like some kind of external box which contains the upgraded GPU, and some CPU and RAM boosts. Even if it cost like $150 or $200, it still makes it a much more accessible acquisition, and could push it much higher up my priority list. Otherwise, I'm actually smarter to buy an external HDD so that I can keep downloading the PS+ games I'm paying for now that my internal is full. :-) Cheers!
  • They should have some sort of trade in program
  • Game stop will 4 sure
  • So Sony beats Microsoft to the punch by a year. It will be interesting to see how "Scorpio" compares to the PS4 Pro. I've always been an Xbox fan, myself, for better or worse.
  • Is this for real.. the one s is more capable than the ps4 pro..
  • I will be aiming for the PS4 Pro, great system I'm sure.
  • Will it or PlayStation be supporting both HDR Stander's... HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Wasn't their a new iPhone today? Cant find news or info on my a c app..
  • Why they didn't include a 4K bluray player is beyond me. Bad oversight.
  • Cost.
  • It's a strange omission since the XBox One S does
  • No excuse, it's being marketed as a premium device
  • With all of these enhancements and increased power why in the hell will this thing not do playback of 4K Blu-rays? Very surprising considering that Sony has a large library of 4K movies and that the Microsoft Xbox one S will do playback of 4K Blu-rays for a considerably cheaper price. Makes no sense.
  • I was looking for this information. Honestly, 4k Bluray playback is the only thing I'm interested in. A 4k player right now costs a few hundred as it is, so I've been holding off on waiting for a console to offer it. (pretty much exactly as I did with the PS2 and a dvd player)
  • I will pass on this. already have a ps4 with a 2TB hard drive I easily installed. don't care about 4k stuff just yet
  • It's not just about 4K. Think of it as better graphics and a higher and/or more consistent framerate. Basically, a better experience all round.
  • Don't care if it's not Android. Don't care if iPhone 7 was announced. Don't care if it's 4K. I DON'T GAVE A DAYUM RIGHT NOW!! I am going to buy it! And respect my decision as much as you'd want me to respect yours. #ps4proFTW
  • Yeah no one gives a **** what you buy, dude.
  • A girl gamer that's pro sony with a cute a$$ smile, ok!
  • Not the time, nor the place.
  • Plot twist: the guy in the back is Lexi
  • Hey buddy. Show some more maturity and respect, thanks.
  • Did I insult her, jeezus chrise....
    And if your name is lexi, I'd look into changing it.
    I digress
  • Those prices are great. I may have to finally go back to the world of console gaming.
  • Still cheaper to go PC :P (I say that as a current PS4 and PC gamer)
  • A decent gaming tower for UNDER $400? No way. The RAM, fan and power supply alone could put you close to that. Not to mention your CPU and video card. I have hardware that can do a decent job of running 3D Mark's Skydiver. If I get something new, I want it to run Firestorm without breaking a sweat. No sub $400 system is going to do that. I didn't mean I would switch from PC gaming to console gaming. I just haven't had a console in so long and have only been gaming on the PC. Might be time to ADD a console to the mix.
  • I just want backwards compatibility with PS3 games, never gonna happen though :(
  • This was better than the iPhone announcement
  • My gaming PC is still years better than any console.
  • Same
  • You didn't pay 399 for it.
  • It's the PS4 Xperia.
    It lacks basic stuff and Sony still tries to make you believe it's not absolute crap and worth 400€. I've had it with consoles and with the sh*t companies (both Sony AND Microsoft) that do them. Back to stand alone players and PC gaming I go. No current generation console is worth having as a media centre replacement.
  • See ya.
  • I'm going to be getting the PS4 slim. It's got all the features I want, and it's surprisingly affordable here in New Zealand.
  • Wohoooooooo!
  • Is this the one that is capable of playing all games at 1080p?
  • No thank you. Get ur **** together Sony n Microsoft. Drop one and be done. None of this "S" or "Pro" bs.
  • im not sure if this is an option, but i wish there was an option for a SSD version for the storage. I really makes a difference. Otherwise, its looking really good. $399 is a good price :)
  • Oh, the good old days when last gen consoles would last you at least 5 solid years.
  • This console looks promising for everyone that still prefer console gaming, there is even talk about 4K (I hope the game that come out actually support it...) I for one switched to PC years back and haven't look back, but if I were still on consoles, I'll be pretty excited Posted via the Android Central App
  • 1. I had NO IDEA the PS4 used ANDROID,
    2. No 4K UHD Blu-Ray. Heck, the new Xbone has that.
    3. No true 4K game support on PS4Pro. We will have to wait and see if the Xbone Scorpio will, like they claim.