Player FM

Available for devices on Ice Cream Sandwich and up, with Gingerbread support in the works

There is no shortage of podcast applications in the Play Store, and everyone seems to have a favorite. Features and UI are usually the deciding factors for users when choosing an app to listen to their favorite podcasts. Player FM's initial release (version 1.0.0) includes an attractive UI and some of the same features that any good podcast app should have: feed subscriptions with show notes and stats, automatic syncing and downloads, and an offline player. What this new app really brings to the table is the way it presents new content to podcast listeners.

Instead of users hunting for new podcasts to listen to, Player FM offers an aggregated group of shows that can be chosen by topic. For example, if the topic 'Android' is chosen, a user can play a list of shows from different feeds that all relate to our favorite mobile OS. If a new favorite show is found while playing that topic, it can be subscribed and listened to in its entirety. Users should keep in mind that this is a first release, so some caveats do apply. Details can be found after the break.

The app requires Android 4.0+, but support for Android 2.3 is planned. Notably absent is playback history, so the player cannot save the last played position of podcasts. Only the latest podcast episodes can be automatically downloaded, with a more robust sync option planned in the future to allow syncing of older shows. Also, the app is not yet optimized for tablets, however it seems to work just fine on the Nexus 7. There is also a little room for improvement in the performance department.

While version 1.0.0 might not be ready to replace your existing podcast player, it could work nicely as a secondary app for anyone looking for an easy way to find new and interesting podcasts. Follow the Play Store link above for the app page and device download. Speaking of podcasts, don't forget to subscribe to the AC podcast -- no matter what app you're using.