Plain Ol' LG KS360 Will Not Be LG's First Android Device

Whew! Good thing. We had originally reported that the LG KS360 (a yawn inducing device) might possibly be the first LG device to run Android. We didn't understand it then, it was basically a text messaging featurephone at best. Luckily, it looks like a bit of misreporting is to blame here.

Android Authority has it on good authority (?) that the original source was simply misquoted. Instead, LG is looking to offer a similar form factor to the LG KS360 for Android and thus not the terribly bland KS360 itself! This is good news because Android definitely needs more devices to get excited about and the KS360 simply wasn't going to cut it.

So now are we excited about what LG is going to bring? Yeap! Most LG phones are pretty great, we'd love to see what LG has cooking for Android.

Casey Chan