Pixel C Android 6.0.1 factory images now available

Now that Google's Pixel C is available for purchase on the Google Store, the company has posted the first set of factory images for the device. There are two Android 6.0.1 images available, carrying the build numbers MXB48J and MXB48K, respectively.

Editor's note: We were informed that MXB48J is the official released build. MXB48K is for development purposes.

It's unlikely most people will be needing these so soon, since the Pixel C just became available, but it's good to see you've now got some way to flash back to the stock Android experience should something go awry. And as a bonus, Google has also released the binaries for the Pixel C, so you can get to cooking right away. If you're interested, you can grab the factory images and the binaries from Google at the links below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster