What you need to know

  • A new video leak gives us our another look at the Pixel 4 in its new Coral color.
  • The low-quality video shows off the orange back and allows us to see the black frame and white power button.
  • Coral is the internal name for the color and it's uncertain whether or not Google will change it when the phones are announced officially.

Recently, we've had enough leaks about the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones that it could be more accurately described as a steady stream. It was only the other day that we got our first look at the brand new Coral color in photos, and now we've already got a hands-on video to go with it.

The video comes to us via the Gadget Leaks YouTube channel and was originally posted to the GooglePixel subreddit. As with most leaks, it appears this one was filmed with a potato camera using a 240p resolution with the focus jumping back and forth. Not only is it in a spectacularly low resolution, but the video is also only 15 seconds long.

That's alright though, because it's long enough to give us a view of the back with the large camera bump and the Google logo at the bottom. It also shows off the black frame and white power button, similar to the white version we saw shown off in a leaked video not too long ago.

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Without seeing the front of the unit, it's difficult to tell if this is a fully functional device, or if it could be a dummy unit or possibly a prototype. Either way, the back lines up with what we've seen in photos from the previous leaks. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if a new video pops up giving us a better look at the Coral unit in the next few days.

At this time, we don't have any word on what clever name Google will choose for the Coral unit as this is just the internal name. Perhaps, it could be Not Coral or Orangish depending on how cheeky Google is feeling.

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