Pingpad makes working on collaborative lists and notes a breeze

Pingpad is an interesting new app that aims to make it easier to collaborate with anyone, whether it be family, friends, roommates or coworkers. Launching today, the app is a sort of social notes platform that allows you to quickly write up notes and lists in real-time to make working in groups that much easier. The app has been in private beta for a while now, but here's a bit of what you can expect from this initial public release:

  • SHARED NOTES: Collaborate on notes and lists in real-time. Keep and build upon things that matter to your group. Make links to notes to organize information in a group wiki. See who wrote what. Add images to illustrate. Message notes into chat.
  • PRIVATE NOTES: Take notes quickly and capture ideas in your private notebook. Make lists and stay on task. Your notes are ready to share when you are.
  • MESSAGING AND CHAT: Real-time messaging about notes and to-do lists to get things done. Share photos and screenshots with your chat group. Share links to things. Post chat messages as notes.
  • TASKS AND ASSIGNMENT: Share work and delegate to-dos. Know what people are working on. Assign notes to members of the group. Set due dates and deadlines to get things done together.
  • GROUPS AND PEOPLE: Fast and easy to form groups with your contacts, or texting or emailing people. Create a profile, search and browse your contacts. View the profiles of group members, and message or share a note with them any time. View activity and manage your participation across groups for family, friends and colleagues.

Pingpad is also cross-platform, with an iOS app and web app making it a bit easier to connect with everyone you want to work on a project with. If Pinged sounds like it's up your alley, you can give the app a go by downloading it from Google Play now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster