LG G4 and Nexus 6

Behold, the new LG G4 alongside the venerable Nexus 6. Neither is what we'd call a small smartphone — the G4 display is 5.5 inches. But as often is the case when we've put anything up against the latest Nexus, Motorola's monster definitely towers over it.

All about the LG G4


Newer model: LG G5

The side-by-side doesn't quite tell the full tale. The Nexus 6 remains as large as ever. But more than that is that the Nexus 6 still just feels a great deal larger than than the G4. While they both share the same sort of curve and overall design — funny how the further we get away from the black-slab days, the more design tends to come back together — once you've got both in your hands the differences are evident. The Nexus 6 actually wins out when it comes to curviness. LG's made things a little more angular this time around, especially when it comes to the corners of the phone.

But LG absolutely (OK, at least for me) wins the ergonomics race. That has as much to do with the buttons being on the rear of the phone than anything else, and it works even better given that the phone's just not as overbearing as the N6. (Though the dimple on the Nexus helps some.)

The LG trumps the specs of the Nexus 6, of course — being released six months later makes that no surprise — but software counts for a lot here, even though both phones are running Android 5.1.

All in all, though, at least when you're talking about the physical nature of these two phones, they remain very difference species.

Google Nexus 6


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