Apple makes the iPhone 15 more tempting than ever for Android users

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The reviews are in: the iPhone 15 series may not be a huge leap as upgrades go, but it makes many of the right changes. The phones are Apple's latest attempt to get its users to upgrade their older phones to the new devices. But in the process, Apple may also be inadvertently targeting Android users such as myself in the most obvious way: USB-C.

Despite the little fanfare the feature got during the recent launch, it's no secret that the iPhone has switched up its charging port for the first time in over a decade. The writing was on the wall for some time, at least ever since the EU issued a mandate that electronic devices like mobile phones have to use USB-C to create a common charging standard and reduce e-waste. It's not something Apple was particularly happy about, especially since it won't make money off USB-C the way it did with Lightning. However, the switch puts the iPhone 15 pretty much on par with Android phones, which have been using USB-C for some time now.

Apple may not like the move, but in the ongoing war between iOS and Android, adopting USB-C has removed a barrier to entry for people who are considering switching to an iPhone.

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You may scoff at the notion (this is an Android site, after all), but remember that not everyone on either side of the wall is an OS fanboy, and their "allegiances" may change based on whatever is most convenient for them. One year, an Android phone may offer an appealing feature or price that makes someone buy it. However, next year, they may decide to grab the latest iPhone because their friends and family have iPhones, and they don't wanna be left out or chastised about the green bubble.

Like it or not, this is one of the ways Apple draws more people in, essentially getting its users to passively (or actively) bully others into switching. I can't tell you how many people I know who tell me they genuinely liked their Pixel or Galaxy device but decided to switch because iMessage is just more convenient.

That said, this isn't always the case, and people like myself may just want to get an iPhone because we're curious. But in the past, switching to an iPhone meant literally buying into Apple's rarely evolving Lighting ecosystem. That's why the iPhone 15 makes it a good time to switch; you can use your current charging cables.

And the best part is that Apple didn't even opt for its usual Apple antics and isn't doing any sort of gatekeeping, so if you've got any of the best USB-C cables, they'll just work. And for a lot of people, there's a good chance you have a few USB-C cables lying around, and if not, even the more capable ones aren't very expensive.

Apple may not like the switch to USB-C, but it addresses a few pain points, especially when switching from Android.

That goes for people already in the Apple ecosystem. Interestingly, owners of previous models have to contend with a bit more friction when switching to the iPhone 15 series than Android owners do since they have to deal with the move from Lighting cables and accessories. And Apple is making it oh-so-easy with the $30 USB-C to Lighting adapter.

However, if you're deep within Apple's ecosystem, then you're aware that USB-C isn't really a new addition. It's been present on the iPad and MacBook for quite some time, and even the iPhone charging brick had USB-C at the other end. So, even Apple die-hards are likely somewhat ready for the switch.

I can't tell you how nice it is to grab the USB-C cord from my laptop and plug it into my phone when I notice the battery is getting low. And now, iPhone 15 users don't have to worry about whether or not someone will have a charger available for them when they're not home.

This is why Apple's gradual transition to USB-C makes some sense. The iPhone is Apple's cash cow, and it makes more from the iPhone than it does any other device. Changing the port for its tablets and computers is much less jarring than switching from the 30-pin connector to Lighting because Apple isn't making you buy into something completely new that it invented just to get more money out of you and accessory makers. As Apple stated during its iPhone 15 launch event, "USB-C is an industry-trusted standard." That's one way to soften the blow and keep its current users from revolting, even if Apple seemed largely against the change in the first place.

The iPhone 15 Pro connecting to a MacBook using a USB-C cable

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Of course, Apple's foray into USB-C isn't as grand as we'd like it to be, but it's a start. The more expensive iPhone 15 Pro brings USB 3 support, which is not too far behind where most Android flagships are, but it's still a bit limited when it comes to things like charging speeds. Apple touts up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with a 20W adapter or higher, but that still pales in comparison to what many of the best Android phones can do. And that's not even taking the standard iPhone 15 into account, which only supports the aging USB 2 standard. Still, despite the ongoing shift away from this standard, there are still plenty of Android phones that are also stuck on the slower USB 2, so I can't fault Apple too much there.

Either way, for Android users looking to completely switch or even just grab an iPhone as a secondary device, Apple is finally giving you more of an opening to do so. And beyond the USB-C port, there are plenty of other things to like about the new iPhone 15 series, from the upgraded camera to the functional Action Button. And who doesn't want console-level gaming on their phones, even if it'll quickly drain the life out of your battery? I, for one, can't wait to see firsthand what these phones have to offer, and I hope I get to try one out soon.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    AC News said:
    The switch to USB-C on the iPhone 15 is Apple's way of enticing Android users on the fence to make the switch.

    USB-C on the iPhone 15 makes it more tempting than ever for Android users : Read more
    No, the switch to USB-C is Apples way to continue to sell it's phones in the EU.
  • JScott76
    Every year I'm less tempted to buy an iPhone. I used to love them up until i traded my 6s Plus for a Samsung Edge 7. I never looked back. Now I have the Fold 5 and all my iPhone friends want to see my phone. Is Android perfect, no. But at least you have options.
  • Stanley Kubrick
    I have seen a few of these ridiculous articles lately. I would be very surprised if ANYONE who uses an Android phone switched over to iPhone simply because of the USB port! Some of these writers are really S__p_d!
  • OhAlfie
    Agree, this is probably the stupidest "reason to switch" I've ever seen. "Hey guys, did you see the new iphone uses USB-C now!!! I've been waiting years for this and today's the day I switch to the iphone!!"

  • Cameron Dunn
    This whole article reeks of "I had a quota to hit, but didn't want to actually put any effort into it."

    The author, Derek, needs to take his job more seriously or get off the platform. I had to scroll up and check that this wasn't some letter to the editor type of article.
  • Joshua Luther1
    I agree. I have less desire to switch to iOS every year. In fact I see more people switching to Samsung from iOS than the other way around. If anything, I see people using both, if they can afford it.

    My wife uses an iPhone. She just ordered a 15 pro 128gb going from a 13 pro. For me, the value for iPhones just isn't there. She's getting 1/4 the amount of storage and a smaller screen for more than what I paid for my S23 ultra 512gb. She generally keeps her phones for 2-3 years. No way would I pay the price for the 15PM even if I were to get a good trade in deal.

    At least with Samsung phones, there's a considerable amount of difference between the Ultra and plus compared to the iPhone Pro and PM to justify the cost. There's just no equivalent to the Note/S Ultra on iOS when you have the S Pen. Even the Apple pencil is an additional charge and only works on iPads. There's no apple device that you can buy where you can get the Pencil included at no additional charge.

    I'm also getting tired of AC putting out these st_p_d articles focusing on iOS and Apple.
  • cribble2k
    Still not at all interested.

    Rename this site to "iPhone Central" already!
  • rvbfan
    No it doesn't.
  • cowboys2000
    Stanley Kubrick said:
    I have seen a few of these ridiculous articles lately. I would be very surprised if ANYONE who uses an Android phone switched over to iPhone simply because of the USB port! Some of these writers are really S__p_d!
    My thoughts as well! Who would switch when what they already have , oh nevermind!!! They got us all to click on the article.
  • rvbfan
    cowboys2000 said:
    My thoughts as well! Who would switch when what they already have , oh nevermind!!! They got us all to click on the article.
    I didn't have to click on the article. And I'd never know about them if we'd all just put these things on ignore.