Is your Galaxy S23 Ultra having Wi-Fi issues? You're not alone

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and looking at the home screen
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What you need to know

  • Some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners are reporting being unable to connect to their home Wi-Fi 6 networks.
  • It seems as though Samsung is aware of the issue and is working to "improve the situation."
  • The connectivity problems could be addressed with the March 2023 update for Galaxy phones.

Following what seems to have been a rather successful launch of the Galaxy S23 series, users now have the latest and greatest phones from Samsung in their possession. However, not everything has been perfect as more users are reporting issues when it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi 6 routers. 

In one post on the r/Samsung subreddit, a user has been plagued with a "Connected without internet" message. But what makes this specific post so interesting is that the individual purchased two Galaxy S23 Ultra devices on launch day, and only one of them is having the issue. 

After reaching out to Samsung support, it appears as though Samsung "is well aware of the issue and are working to "improve the situation." Additionally, "he said the next update should have something to address it." 

If you scroll through the most recent posts on the r/Samsung subreddit, you'll find many different examples of Galaxy S23 Ultra owners experiencing the same problems. And looking through the replies, it appears as though the problem is limited to those connecting to Wi-Fi 6 routers, specifically in regards to using 802.11ax or WPA3 for the "preferred security method."

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While you can always go through and turn off "802.11ax" capabilities or switch to WPA3 through your router's settings, it seems kind of trivial to do so if all of your other connected devices are working. Making matters worse, the Reddit user already swapped out their problematic Galaxy S23 Ultra for a replacement, only to find that the problem was still present.

This is an issue that I have seen on my own Galaxy S23 Ultra, which was purchased unlocked and received on launch day. And while the February 2023 update seems to have made things a bit better in terms of keeping the phone connected to my home network, there are times when it still occurs. 

On one hand, it's good to know that Samsung is aware of the problem and is hopefully working on a fix. However, there's a good chance that by the time the March 2023 update arrives, you'll be outside of your return window. At which point, you'll have to rely on Samsung's warranty services, or just hold out hope that a software fix actually does arrive.

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