Samsung Care Plus gives subscribers unlimited battery repair support, with a catch

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What you need to know

  • Samsung Care Plus is notifying its consumers about coming support for unlimited battery repairs in May.
  • So long as there is no "additional damage" and your device is currently covered, Samsung will repair your battery if its charge capacity dips under 79%.
  • Samsung states those with its Theft and Loss plan and the standard Care Plus plan will be charged an extra $2 beginning in May to support the unlimited repair service.

Samsung's Care Plus team has started notifying users of the impending availability of unlimited battery repairs for eligible devices and certain plans.

An email received by Android Authority shows that Samsung Care Plus is planning to introduce support for unlimited battery repairs in May. The email states that those who have purchased Samsung Care Plus with Loss and Theft protection or the standard Care Plus plan are eligible for unlimited battery repairs.

More importantly, your device is only eligible for a battery repair if its charging capacity drops below 79%. Samsung states this can be confirmed through a diagnostics check and if it's below that line, your battery will be replaced. Of course, Samsung will only handle repairs during an active coverage period.

Speaking of, the email adds that users can mail in their devices or walk into a Samsung store for battery repairs. The company adds that your device will remain eligible for a battery repair as part of your plan so long as there is no "additional damage."

With this new support beginning in May, Samsung states consumers will be charged an extra $2 per month. Your payment method of choice will be charged on May 1, 2024, serving as "confirmation that you accept these changes and that you wish to continue."

Samsung Care Plus is notifying consumers that it will support unlimited battery repairs in May.

(Image credit: Android Authority)

Walk-ins for battery repairs are a welcome sight as Samsung expanded its partnership with Batteries Plus last October. The expansion saw 35 stores across the U.S. convert into Samsung Authorization Service Centers. This allows consumers to enter and speak to Galaxy device professionals for insight into what's wrong with their devices. Moreover, the partnership included support for foldable device repairs.

But this email notifying users of unlimited battery repair goes hand-in-hand with a returning One UI feature. One UI 6.1 has brought back the "since last charge" screen, giving users more insight into what apps are soaking up power and how long their battery has left. The "Today" page has remained, letting users check in and see how apps affect their battery daily.

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    This is no different from promising "7 years of software updates." MOST people won't hold onto their phones that long.