The OnePlus 10T just ain't it, according to our readers

The back of the OnePlus 10T Moonstone Black colorway
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus recently launched the new flagship OnePlus 10T.
  • We polled our readers, asking if they liked the new smartphone.
  • Most of our readers did not care for the OnePlus 10T, while some thought it was "alright." Fewer thought the OnePlus 10T was "hot."

August is a big month for device launches, and OnePlus was among the first big launches to happen. The new OnePlus 10T has been fully unveiled, sporting a rather nice design, mind-boggling specs, and a curiously low price, making it a worthy contender for 2022. However, our latest poll suggests that not many of our readers are too excited about the phone.

In our poll over the weekend, we asked whether the OnePlus 10T was hot or not. Of more than 1,000 votes, 38% said they were not interested in the phone, while a close 37% said the phone is "alright." With the remaining 24% expressing interest in the phone, there seems to be a rather tepid response for the speedy flagship.

Poll responses on whether the OnePlus 10T is hot or not

(Image credit: Android Central)

One comment from reader Benjamin Jagun points out how OnePlus has lost its identity, something our Harish Jonnalagadda has complained about following the OPPO partnership.

"What [sic] would I buy this phone? When the OnePlus aren't even OnePlus anymore, they're basically Oppo now in all but name, plus I'm happy with my Pixel 6."

A few other comments were equally disinterested in the phone, with one reader disappointed in the placement of the front-facing camera.

One reader expressed some interest in the device, mainly due to its $650 price tag, simply commenting, "for the price yes."

Our Nickolas Sutrich expressed similar interest in the phone during his review, particularly for the price:

"Personally, I would buy this over the OnePlus 10 Pro if I had to choose between the two. The performance difference is that big of a deal and, even if it is missing a few features, most of them don't affect me from day to day."

Given its speedy charging, impressive camera, and fast specs, the 10T may easily be one of the best Android phones of 2022. But that won't matter if no one wants to buy it.

Unfortunately, U.S. fans that are hoping to get their hands on the OnePlus 10T will have to wait an unusually long time for the device, as it won't be available for preorder until September 1 and will go on sale on September 29. Keep in mind that it's still the beginning of August, so you'll have plenty of time to think it over, which may or may not help OnePlus.

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