Honor shows off Magic 6 Pro's eye-tracking tech by remotely moving a car

Honor Magic 6 Pro back with Honor logo highlighted against green background
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Honor showed off the Magic 6 Pro's eye-tracking tech by remotely controlling a car. 
  • The brand partnered with Autocar to come up with a demo showcasing the feature in action. 
  • Thanks to custom motors installed in the car and an app to control those motors from the phone, the Magic 6 Pro was able to move the car in question just by someone looking at the screen. 
  • The Magic 6 Pro is making its global debut later this week at Mobile World Congress. 

Honor is all set to launch the Magic 6 Pro globally at Mobile World Congress at the end of the week, and head of the event, the brand is showing off a marquee feature on the device: eye-tracking. AI is a big talking point with the Magic 6 Pro, and Honor says it is leveraging AI-assisted eye tracking to control the screen just by looking at it.

Honor showed off the tech in action by physically moving a car just by looking at the phone. The car in question had custom servos and motors controlling the pedals, and with no one sitting inside the vehicle, the Magic 6 Pro was able to remotely control the car. This was done by a custom app that was designed for the phone, which had four buttons: engine on/off, and moving the car front or back.

By looking at each control button for two to three seconds, that action is triggered, resulting in the car moving forward or backwards, and the engine turning on or off. Honor teamed up with Autocar to highlight the tech:

While it is undoubtedly a cool tech demo, there isn't much utility in controlling a car remotely, particularly with that kind of lag. Thankfully, Honor isn't trying to roll out this feature on the device; it is instead using this to showcase how effective eye-tracking is on the Magic 6 Pro, and the brand notes that it will roll out features based on the tech in the future.

Honor will be showcasing the demo at MWC, so get ready to see several iterations of the video linked above next week. The Magic 6 Pro has plenty of other AI-focused features, and it has one of the strongest camera packages available today.

There's clearly a lot going for the device, and with the global launch just a few days away, we don't need to wait long to see how much the phone costs outside China.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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